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This Auburn Property Locator Web Page is provided for the use of Licensed Commercial Property Brokers and their Agents only. Material posted as well as materials within links provided from this page are intended by the City of Auburn to be for property search purposes only and as a service to our client customers seeking to identify available Auburn properties.

All listings submitted must be “commercial” property defined by the following: a use of land identified through City of Auburn Zoning Regulation as having, or which could have, activity or use which can legally involve the buying, selling, processing, storing or improving of things produced for financial gain as the primary aim of the activity or use; whether or not such activity or use be for hire or on account of the buyer, seller, processor, or improver. Listings must be within the City of Auburn boundaries.

The City of Auburn requires certain fields be completed by users of this Property Locator tool. A link to more detailed property information and one property image in the form of a 1MB or smaller .jpg file may be included with the request. All requests become public record. The information will be added to our data base of regional Brokers/Agents for internal use; and will also allow us to contact Agents should we or our clients have questions regarding the specific property posting. If approved, the posting will last for 90 days. The Mayor’s Office reserves the right to remove any postings from the forum and will be the final arbiter of any disputes.

The City of Auburn does not make any representations or warranties (express or implied) as to the accuracy, currency or authenticity of the information, services and materials presented, offered or otherwise displayed within this page or within any links from this page.

By agreement and acknowledgement below, listing Brokers and their Agents agree that the information provided is strictly for the intended use and suitable to be viewed by all persons regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or national origin.

The City of Auburn, its employees and agents, do not accept any liability or guarantee regarding the accuracy of information, service, materials or advice (including the use of such information, services, or material or advice) which is provided. Further, the City does not endorse any product, person, company or organization associated with this information.

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