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Virtual Hiring Seminar


Welcome to the Team APD Virtual Hiring Seminar!

Congrats! Now that you've passed your Public Safety Testing exam, you are ready for the next phase in the process. Team Auburn is excited to meet you in person during the panel interview. Sitting in front of the oral board panel is arguably one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the hiring process. But here at Team APD, we do things a little different. We want you to be successful, so we are providing this FREE hiring seminar for our candidates. We highly encourage you to watch the videos on this webpage and complete the four exercises prior to your interview. Our goal is the same as yours - to see you joining our team!

Advice from our Panel

Below you will find a video with advice from a few of our interview panel members. We share a lot of information in this video, but these are the common issues we see our candidates face during the interview process. We hope that these tips will prove helpful during your interview.


Interview Preparation Exercises

Below you will find four interview preparation exercises: My Stories, Anticipating the Questions, Tell Me About Yourself, and Do You Have What It Takes? Each exercise has a worksheet that you can fill out, along with a brief video explaining the purpose of the exercise. We hope that these exercises will help you think through your unique background and skill sets. The ultimate goal of any hiring process is to get to know the candidate - the more we learn about you, the better we can assess your abilities to successfully perform as an Auburn Police Officer.




Exercise: My Stories Worksheet (PDF)
Police Officer Job Description 
The best answers to interview questions are ones that provide a real life example of an actual time you did something. These stories share a wealth of knowledge about your qualifications and aptitude for the job. The goal of this exercise is to prepare specific stories to share during your interview with Auburn PD.



Exercise: Anticipate the Questions (PDF) 
You should always do research about the company and the position before an interview. This research helps you prepare for the interview and anticipate questions you may be asked. The goal of this exercise is to prepare for challenging questions and prepare your answer in advance. Don't avoid the difficult questions - prepare for them!



Exercise: Tell Me About Yourself (PDF) 
"Tell me about yourself." When you are asked this question the panel is usually wanting to know more about your education, training, and skills AS THEY RELATE TO THE POSITION. This is a critical piece that is often missed – make sure you relate everything back to the position you are applying for. The goal of this exercise is to prepare for this particular question and to help structure your thoughts.



Exercise: Do you have what it takes? (PDF) 
Courage. Honor. Integrity. Professionalism. These are the core values of the Auburn Police Department (APD). It is critical that APD Officers demonstrate these core values in their everyday work. The goal of this exercise is to highlight the personal and professional qualities and attributes you would bring to Team APD.


Final Thoughts

Please note that in addition to providing this free hiring seminar, Team APD also provides our candidates with all of the interview questions in advance. When you arrive for your interview, you will be given 20 minutes to review all of the questions and make notes before meeting with the panel members. While this is a huge advantage for candidates, it does not replace preparing for the interview. The most successful candidates prepare for the interview, and Team APD hopes that the resources on this website will help you with that process. We wish you luck as you move forward!

You can review details about our hiring process, as well
as FAQs on the Team APD Hiring Process website.

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