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Notice of Application & Notice of Public Hearing Kelsey Harden MIS18-0004

Kelsey Harden

The City of Auburn is issuing a Notice of Application (NOA) and Notice of Public Hearing for the following described project. The permit applications and listed studies may be reviewed at the Auburn Planning and Development Department at 1 East Main Street, 2nd Floor, Customer Service Center, Auburn, WA 98001.

Proposal: Special Home Occupation Permit for a hair salon within an existing single-family residence, more precisely within the existing garage. The business will employ one resident-owner who will provide hair care services at scheduled times between the hours of 9AM and 6PM. The business will occupy no more than ¼ of the home’s floor area.

Location: The project site is located at 11016 SE 297th St, King County Assessor Parcel No. 2212400290, within the Lea Hill area, in North-East Auburn.

Notice of Application:  April 16, 2018

Notice of Completeness: April 6, 2018

Permit Application: March 9, 2018

File No.  MIS18-0004

Applicant/Property Owner: 
Kelsey Harden
11016 SE 297th St
Auburn, WA 98092

Studies/Plans Submitted With Application:

  • N/A

    Other Permits, Plans, and Approvals Needed:

  • Building Permit

Statement of Consistency and List of Applicable Development Regulations:  This proposal is subject to and shall be consistent with the Auburn City Code, Comprehensive Plan, and Public Works Design and Construction Standards.

Public Comment Period: All persons may comment on this application. Comments must be in writing and received by the end of the 15-day comment period at 5:00 PM on April 30, 2018 to the mailing address of 25 West Main Street, Auburn, WA, 98001-4998. Any person wishing to become a party of record, shall include in their comments that they wish to receive notice of and participate in any hearings, if relevant, request a copy of decisions once made, and be made aware of appeal rights.

For questions regarding this project, please contact Cecile Malik, Planner via email or 253-288-4301. 

Public Hearing: The Hearing Examiner will conduct a public hearing on the Special Home Occupation Permit at City Hall Council Chambers, 25 West Main Street, Auburn, Washington 98001 on May 16, 2018 at 5:30 PM.

Project Site (North at top)

MIS18-0004 map