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August Recycling Tip: Plastics and glass recycling / Reusing & Reducing

Recycling feels good! It also helps our City and our planet, so all your recycling efforts are greatly appreciated. Recycling is even more fun when it’s easy, so here are a few reminders and tips:

Shape up. When recycling plastics, go by the shape not the number inside the “recycling arrows.” Recycle all plastic bottles and tubs (like yogurt tubs) – remove caps and lids. The one exception is prescription pill vials (the brown ones). They are made differently, and should go in the garbage if you can’t reuse them.  And because we know you can’t resist looking at those numbers, take note: The plastics industry just announced it will start using lines in the shape of a triangle, not the recycling arrows, to enclose those numbers.

Party down. Summer parties mean plastic cups (although you should use reusable tumblers when you can), and the good news is that those party cups can go in your recycling bin. Clean paper cups are recyclable too!

Raise a glass. Glass jars and bottles (all colors) are recyclable – remove caps & lids. If a bottle gets broken, wrap it up in paper or plastic and put into in the garbage, so it doesn’t endanger workers. Drinking glasses and mirrors are a different kind of glass than bottles and jars, so if they can’t be reused, they go into the garbage. Please wrap sharp edges for the safety of the drivers.

Get creative – Reusing is even better than recycling. Many of you have done cool reuse projects with recyclables, such as turning wine bottles upside down and lining them up to make a border in the garden. That’s great! Transporting and processing heavy recyclable items like glass is expensive…so it’s great to reuse or remake the material into something else. Other ideas for making items out of recyclables can be found at the following websites (to name a few!):   

Prevent Waste 1st!  Reducing – not creating waste and/or buying something in the first place – is the greenest approach, and can really save you money. For example, invest in a few stylish reusable water bottles for your household, fill them with our region’s delicious tap water, and stop wasting money on water in single-use plastic bottles. Most bottled water is just filtered tap water! More waste prevention tips can be found on the King County Solid Waste website.

Thanks again for recycling, and enjoy our wonderful Northwest summer!