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City of Auburn Realizes over $195,000 in Energy Savings through Conservation Programs

Beginning in 2010, the City of Auburn began an aggressive resource conservation management (RCM) program through Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and the latest reports show that the City has earned over $195,000 in incentives and savings from PSE.

According to the report received in December, the City realized over 816,000 kWh and over 12,047 therms in PSE energy savings alone. PSE also paid the City $82,000 in program and energy efficiency incentives. This money is being put back into more energy saving programs and purchases to continue to improve energy conservation citywide.

Over the course of the RCM program, the City used common sense and no- or low-cost solutions to reduce consumption such as occupancy sensors, programmable heating controls, energy efficient lighting, HVAC retrofits in older buildings, and staff training to ensure that new standards are being communicated and utilized in day-to-day business practice. Many of the new equipment installations were done through grants and rebates received either directly or indirectly through the RCM program.

Common sense ruled when it came to the Auburn Justice Center. Since installing occupancy sensors and programmable controls in the large part of the building that houses the municipal court and decreasing heating and lighting during non-business hours 9 months ago, that building alone has a total energy cost savings of almost $13,000 – easily surpassing the annual goal of $10,000 for the first year.

The improvements have been made in all eight of the City facilities (City Hall, Auburn Senior Activity Center, Maintenance & Operations, Auburn Avenue Theater, Mountain View Cemetery, Parks Administration Building, Veterans Building and the Auburn Justice Center). Moving into 2014 the City intends to continue and expand cost and energy savings programs.