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More Flashing Yellow Arrow Signals are Coming to Auburn

Left Turn ArrowBeginning in April, the City of Auburn will be converting several traffic signals to Flashing Yellow Arrows (FYA) for left turn movements. The project is expected to be completed in June. The total estimated project cost is $482,000 and is funded by a Federal grant for citywide traffic signal safety improvement projects.

These improvements will include flashing yellow arrow left turn operations, auxiliary signal heads, vehicle detection systems, signal head backplates with yellow reflective tape and new LED signal head lamps.

Over the next several weeks the City’s contractor will be working mainly in the downtown area to complete these improvements at the following locations:

  • Auburn Way North/4th St. NE
  • Auburn Way N/1st St. NE
  • Auburn Way N/E Main St
  • Auburn Way S/2nd St. SE
  • Auburn Way S/4th St. SE
  • Auburn Ave. NE/1st St. NE
  • A St. SE/2nd St. SE
  • A St. SE/3rd St. SE
  • A St. SE/6th St. SE
  • A St. SE/17th St. SE
  • A St. SE/29th St. SE
  • C St. SW/8th St. SW
  • C St. SW/15 St. SW

Additional Project details can be found at this on the Capital Projects page.

Using the flashing arrows improves intersections by:

Allowing More Flexibility

The new flashing yellow display provides traffic engineers with more options to handle variable traffic volumes. The flashing yellow display promotes safe traffic flow during heavy traffic volumes while reducing traffic delay when traffic volumes are light.

Lowering Wait Time

Drivers will have more opportunities to make a left turn with the flashing yellow left-turn arrow than with the traditional three-arrow signal display, which keeps drivers moving.

Increasing Safety

A national study demonstrated that drivers found flashing yellow left-turn arrows more understandable than the traditional solid green ball displays.

For more information on this project, please contact Matthew Larson, Project Engineer, at 253-804-5032.