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July Recycling Tip: Beyond the Curb

Recycling rocks, but what about the stuff that you can’t put in your curbside recycling bin? In many cases, recycling solutions are available for those items too! Here are a few examples:

Mattresses. If you are going to have a new mattress delivered, ask your retailer if they will pick up your old one and have it recycled. If they can’t, here are options in our area: A Plus Removal and Recycling (253-737-4441) in Auburn, R5 Systems (855-628-5575) in Tukwila and Spring Back Mattress Recycling NW (253-627-1290) in Tacoma. All businesses offer pick-up and drop-off services for a fee.

Cooking oil – waste to energy. Don’t pour old cooking oil down the drain – it corrodes and clogs pipes. Instead, bring your used fryer and cooking oil to the free drop off at Les Gove Park (910 9th St SE), just south of the water-spray playground. Look for the black collection tank marked “General Biodiesel.” Please remember to take containers home with you and reuse them or put them in the garbage. The used oil is made into low carbon biodiesel!

Styrofoam. Take your clean Styrofoam (a trademarked brand and the common term for #6 expanded polystyrene) year round to Styro Recycle (253-838-9555) in Renton. The City of Auburn offers 3 collection events (one in Spring, one in Fall and one between Christmas & New Years). Recycle your packing peanuts at most shipping stores such as UPS Stores or check with the polystyrene industry’s Peanut Hotline (800-828-2214) for a partial list of locations. Locally, Auburn Mail & Copy (1402 Auburn Way N) will take clean, bagged peanuts. Styro Recycle also takes Styrofoam packing peanuts.


Appliances. Most major appliances have good value for recycling because they contain lots of metal. They should always be recycled, not disposed of. Ask your retailer to take back an old one, or contact local recyclers such as A Plus Removal and Recycling (see contact info above),

L & L Appliance (253-939-9338) or Valley Recycling (253-288-0000).  King County’s Bow Lake Transfer Station in Tukwila also accepts appliances for recycling. There is usually a fee to recycle appliances that have Freon such as freezers and refrigerators.


Another collection option for bulky items including appliances, mattresses, and furniture is to schedule a Bulky Item Collection: (Rates will vary by item.)

  • Waste Management customers - call the City Utility Department at 253-931-3038
  • Republic Services customers – call 206-682-9735

For info on recycling other materials you can’t put in your curbside bin, visit King County’s “What Do I Do With…?” resource, and thanks for recycling in Auburn!