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Ports of Seattle and Tacoma will hold joint meeting in Auburn to vote on pact

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Commissioners from the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle have a special joint meeting scheduled for next Tuesday (Oct. 14) at 10 a.m. to take public comment, then vote on the proposed creation of a joint maritime terminal configuration. This meeting will be in Auburn City Hall located at 25 West Main St. and will streamed live at www.auburnwa.gov/gatv.

On Oct. 7, the two bodies jointly announced their intention to create an Inter-Local Agreement that would effectively end their decades-long competition and put waterfront terminal activities in both cities under a single Seaport Alliance.

"We are honored to host this historic meeting in Auburn," says Mayor Nancy Backus. "As a city that sits within both King and Pierce counties it is an ideal location for the ports to begin their joint alliance."

Such a partnership will have to be approved by the Federal Maritime Commission, but that same regulatory authority granted permission a year ago for Tacoma and Seattle to initiate their discussions. 

Tuesday’s consideration and vote by each commission is on an agreement and amendment to provide a framework for a period of due diligence. Tacoma and Seattle port staffs will look at their respective business objectives, terminal investments, financial returns, etc. Following this extended review, the parties anticipate being ready in March 2015 to forward a more specific working agreement to Washington, D.C., for consideration.

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