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September Recycling Tips from the City of Auburn

The concept behind recycling is simple: Give new life to a product or packaging, instead of sending it to the landfill. But in practice, recycling gets complicated. That’s partly because different things need to be recycled different ways, and also because recycling doesn’t really succeed until the collected item is turned into a new item and sold. Recycling collection rules are based on the requirements of the end markets.

Here are a few things you might not know about recycling and composting: 

  • Did you know that when recycling plastic in your local curbside collection programs, you should go by the shape of the container, not the number on it? If it’s shaped like a bottle, jug, tub or (flexible) party cup, toss it in the recycling bin! One exception is plastic containers used for oil or hazardous chemicals – put those in the garbage. 
  • Did you know you can compost all your food scraps and food-soiled paper? These materials can be put in your Compostables (yard waste) cart. The materials are transported to Cedar Grove Composting where they are turned into compost. Meat, fish, poultry, bones, dairy products, vegetable and fruit trimmings, bread and other items can be composted – even pizza delivery boxes, paper plates and napkins.
  • Keep recyclable food in a covered container and frequently empty it into your compostables cart. If you’re concerned about mess or odor, try lining your kitchen container with a compostable bag. When full, tie up the bag and throw it in your Compostables cart. Get a free compostable bag sample at www.recyclefood.com
  • Did you know you can take back more than just grocery bags to participating grocery stores for recycling? Most of those programs also accept any clean, dry bags, such as newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, produce bags and the clear plastic wrapping for toilet paper and other goods. 
  • Did you know that lids and caps are not accepted in our Auburn curbside recycling collection program? Please put lids and caps into the garbage. 
  • Did you know there are more than 60 locations in King County where you can recycle computers and TVs for FREE, including two in Auburn? The reason it’s free for residents and small businesses is because the electronics industry pays the costs of recycling, under an innovative state law. Find locations at www.ecycleWA.org

For more information on recycling and composting visit www.auburnwa.gov/solidwaste or www.kingcounty.gov/recyclemore.

Information provided by the King County Solid Waste Division and the City of Auburn Solid Waste & Recycling Division.