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Recycle your styrofoam in Auburn Dec. 29-Jan. 5

Did you receive a gift this holiday season packed in Styrofoam®? Bring your bulky Styrofoam® blocks to the City of Auburn’s 3rd FREE Holiday Styrofoam® Recycling Collection Event from Dec. 29, 2014 to Jan. 5, 2015 at the south parking lot (12th St. SE & J St. SE) of Les Gove Park. Collection carts will be located in the northwest corner of the parking lot near the (free) used cooking oil collection container. Residents can access the collection site during daylight hours.


To identify Styrofoam® blocks, look for the #6 or “EPS” or bend the material – it should “snap” fairly easily and release tiny beads. Remember, clean Styrofoam® blocks only. Please, NO Styrofoam® cups, food or meat trays, foam sheeting, plastic wrap, plastic bags, packing peanuts, or any other plastics. Clean, dry packing “peanuts” are accepted for re-use at most local parcel shipping outlets year-round.

The Styrofoam® blocks will be recycled through Styro Recycle, LLC. This local company heats and compresses the blocks into dense material, which manufacturers use to make new plastic products.

Large quantities of Styrofoam® blocks and blocks from businesses should be taken directly to Styro Recycle, LLC, 800 SW 43rd St in Renton (west of IKEA’s parking lot). This site operates year-round and accepts clean Styrofoam® for free. For more information, visit www.styrorecycle.comlinks to external site or call 253-838-9555.

Want to know how to recycle other items? Please visit: www.kingcounty.gov/whatdoidowithlinks to external site.

For more information on waste reduction and recycling in Auburn, visit www.auburnwa.gov/solidwaste.