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City of Auburn to Recognize Auburn Parks Department as Tree Steward

2013 Heritage TreeThe Auburn Parks Department is being recognized by the City of Auburn Urban Tree Board as a Tree Steward for preserving the Alaskan Cedar tree located at 910 Ninth St. SE. Daryl Faber, Parks Director will be presented with a proclamation and certificate during the City of Auburn Council Meeting on Dec. 16 at 7:30 pm. Additionally, the Alaskan Cedar Tree will be designated as a Heritage Tree in Auburn.

The preservation of the tree happened during the planning stages of the new gymnasium at Les Gove Community Campus. The project involved redesigning the current parking lot where the tree is rooted. When Parks staff realized the plans required removal of the tree, the Parks Department stepped in and required that the architectural drawings be redone and the parking lot changed in order to keep the tree standing tall. It is estimated that the tree stands at about 70 feet and could be nearly a century old.

“This was a good save,” exclaimed Parks Director Daryl Faber.

Auburn is recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a TREE CITY USA, which recognizes communities that effectively manage their urban forest and meet four TREE CITY USA standards. The standards include having a tree governing body; maintaining a comprehensive community forestry program that spends at least $2 per capita on the urban forest; maintaining a tree care ordinance; and holding an annual celebration related to Arbor Day.

The City seeks to protect any unique, rare or endangered species of plants found within the City as part of its Comprehensive Plan and the Urban Tree Board works with the community to nominate tree stewards for their community service of preserving unique trees within the City of Auburn.  Promoting the preservation and beautification of trees assists in enhancing wildlife habitat, improving air quality, and reducing soil erosion.

Also, as part of Auburn’s Tree City USA designation, the City of Auburn Planning Department manages Community Grants that encourage citizens to apply for tree plantings in residential and commercial neighborhoods. In exchange for financial assistance, groups must commit to plant, water and maintain the trees. For additional information about the Tree Grants, call the City of Auburn Planning Department at 253-931-3090.

For more information about the Urban Tree Board or to nominate an individual or company as a Tree Steward, please call the Auburn Parks, Arts & Recreation Department at 253-931-3043.