The City of Auburn takes the issue of abandoned properties very seriously. Below is a list of mortgage holder owned abandoned properties. City code compliance staff work every day to address the impacts of these properties on other properties and neighborhoods, however, in many instances, the mortgage holders are out of state financial institutions who are slow to respond or have hired property preservation companies who are not consistent in their maintenance activities.

Citizens who have concerns about abandoned properties and want to help the City get action on them can access information below about the mortgage holders. Citizens are encouraged to write, phone or email the mortgage holders or property preservation contacts and request action be taken on one or more abandoned properties. These efforts may help convince the mortgage holders and property preservation companies to act more quickly and consistently.

Please note that the information provided is the most current and available to the City. From time to time, the City may update information and may add or delete properties. For more information on a specific property, to report an abandoned property in your neighborhood, or to learn more about the City's code compliance efforts, please contact the City of Auburn Permit Center at 253-931-3020 or by email.

Site Address:29926 118th Ave. SE
Mortgage Holder:Reverse Mortgage Solutions
Phone Number:888-918-1110
Property Preservation Company:Nationwide Field Services
Phone Number:732-276-5563 ext. 379
Case Opened:1/24/2012

Site Address:29430 132nd Ave. SE
Mortgage Holder:John L. Scott
Phone Number:206-920-6633
Email Address:
Property Preservation Company:Specialized Loan Servicing 8742 Lucent Blvd #300, Littleton, CO 80129
Phone Number:720-241-7200
Case Opened:3/9/2012

Site Address:2604 F St. SE
Mortgage Holder:Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc., P.O. Box 161489, Fort Worth, TX 76161-1489
Phone Number:888-325-3502
Property Preservation Company:None Listed
Phone Number:None Listed
Email Address:None Listed
Case Opened:6/27/2012

Site Address:1019 6th ST SE
Mortgage Holder:Carrington Mortgage Services
Phone Number:800-561-4567
Property Preservation Company:National Fields Networks
Phone Number:732-276-5563
Email Address:
Case Opened:4/15/2014

Site Address:620 D ST SE
Mortgage Holder:Chase Home Finance
Phone Number:800-848-9136
Property Preservation Company:Service Link Field Services
Phone Number:877-272-2149
Case Opened:3/23/2015

Site Address:802 5th ST SE
Mortgage Holder:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Property Preservation Company:Five Brothers Mortgage
Phone Number:586-772-7600 Ext 3782
Case Opened:5/6/2015

Site Address:5412 S 331st
Mortgage Holder:Quality Loan Services
Phone Number:866-645-7711
Email general inquiry
Property Preservation Company:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Case Opened:7/2/2015

Site Address:621 6th ST SE
Mortgage Holder:US Bank Corp Service Provider
Phone Number:270-689-7000
Email Address:
Property Preservation Company:Five Brothers Default Mgmt Solutions
Phone Number:586-698-7064
Case Opened:8/3/2015

Site Address:714 8th ST SE
Mortgage Holder:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Property Preservation Company:PK Management Group - Linda Jennings
Phone Number:702-802-2700
Case Opened:8/20/2015

Site Address:1101 Pike ST NE
Mortgage Holder:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Property Preservation Company:National Field Representatives, Inc
Phone Number:877-997-2900 ext 4223
Case Opened:11/16/2015

10 properties found.