Code Compliance

The Community Development Services Department is also responsible for enforcing a number of ordinances of the City of Auburn. This involves public nuisances that may include junked vehicles on private property, tall grass and weeds, junk, etc.

It also includes ensuring that the proper permits have been issued for construction of projects, land clearing, grading and filing of property, placement of signs, and that businesses are operating in compliance with the City of Auburn Zoning Code.

The City of Auburn welcomes phone calls or other communication that alerts us to possible civil code violations that may be occurring in your neighborhood, such as any one of the options below:

  • Please call 253-931-3020, selecting Option 4, if you wish to report a violation;
  • Take a photograph of the property of concern and email it to Code Enforcement along with an address;
  • Fill out the Code Enforcement Complaint Form and click the 'SUBMIT' button at the bottom of the page to email the completed form to Code Enforcement.

If your concern is with a parking (abandoned car) or animal issue, please call the Auburn Police non-emergency line at 253-288-2121.

Crime Free Rental Housing Program

The 2018 Crime Free Multi-Family Manager Training schedule is now available.  For more information or to register, please visit

Informational Materials

Mortgage Holder Owned Abandoned Properties

The City of Auburn takes the issue of abandoned properties very seriously. City code compliance staff work every day to address the impacts of these properties on other properties and neighborhoods, however, in many instances, the mortgage holders are out of state financial institutions who are slow to respond or have hired property preservation companies who are not consistent in their maintenance activities.

Citizens who have concerns about abandoned properties and want to help the City get action on them can access information on our abandoned properties page about the mortgage holders. Citizens are encouraged to write, phone or email the mortgage holders or property preservation contacts and request action be taken on one or more abandoned properties. These efforts may help convince the mortgage holders and property preservation companies to act more quickly and consistently.