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Auburn's 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update

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Auburn's Comprehensive Plan is a document adopted by the City Council that sets a vision for the future and determines what the City will be like 20 years from now and beyond. Auburn's Comprehensive Plan is the leading policy document that guides the City's evolution and growth. The Plan addresses a broad range of issues and sets policy direction for:

  • Housing
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Community Health
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Service and Facilities

The City Council adopted (Ordinance No. 6584) a major update to the Comprehensive Plan on December 14, 2015.

Completion of the updated Comprehensive Plan followed more than a year of public outreach and participation that began in early 2014 with the City's Imagine Auburn visioning initiative, which culminated in a community-based vision and a set of value statements that will help guide local decision-making, and achieve the desired future for the community. 

Staff is working on formatting and finalizing the updated Comprehensive Plan. It will feature a easier-to-use and more accessible format than previously adopted Plans.

Thank you to all of you who submitted comments on the draft Comprehensive Plan. You helped set the vision for your community. Please stay connectedlinks to external site for future updates and activities.

Questions about the update?
Send us your questions by email or regular mail.

Mail to:
Attn: Jeff Dixon
Community Development Services Division
Department of Community Development & Public Works
City of Auburn
25 W Main Street
Auburn, WA  98001-4998

Review community workshop materials!
The City of Auburn hosted four community workshops over the month of August 2015. The posterboards (PDF) that were presented at the workshops, are available for to review.