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Schedule an Inspection

You can use any of the following methods for requesting a building inspection (Note: The cutoff time for all requests for inspection is 4:00 PM the business day prior to the inspection.)

Online (recommended):
To schedule an inspection online, call a Permit Technician at 253-931-3020 (choose option 1) to be assigned a PIN to enable access to the online system. Once access is granted to our online system, simply schedule the inspection at your convenience.

This is our recommended method of scheduling since it will allow you to avoid having to provide all of the information required if you call or e-mail us. You simply access your account, view your project(s), and request the type of inspection you would like. It will also avoid situations where requests left via voicemail are unfulfilled because of poor cell phone reception and allow you to view past inspection results and future inspections that will be needed which will allow for better project planning.

Email or Phone
Send an e-mail to Inspections or call (253-931-3020 and choose option 3) and leave a voicemail and your inspection will be set up for the following business day.

Your e-mail or voicemail must include the following information:

  • Permit Number
  • Site Address
  • Your Name and Phone Number
  • Type of Inspection