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Capital Projects

In addition to the projects listed below, the City has several other projects in design and construction. For more information, please call 253-931-3010, or check our road closure/construction notices.

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Capital Project Contacts:  
Engineering Front Counter
Jacob Sweeting (Assistant City Engineer)
Luis Barba (Project Engineer)
Kim Truong (Project Engineer)
Jai Carter (Street Systems Engineer)    
Ryan Vondrak (Capital Projects Manager)
Matt Larson (Project Engineer)
Mike Kamenzind (Construction Manager)
Seth Wickstrom (Project Engineer)

Feature Capital Project: Fulmer Well Field Improvement Project

Auburn Magazine Spring 2017

Ever wonder where the City of Auburn gets their drinking water from?

Auburn is fortunate to have a combination of natural springs and groundwater wells throughout the City that produce enough drinking water to meet City demands, even on the hottest of summers when the demand for water is at its peak. The Fulmer Well Field, located at the City’s Frank Fulmer Park, is home to two of the City’s top producing drinking water groundwater wells.

The first well at the Fulmer Well Field site, Well 2, was constructed and placed into service in the early 1970’s. The second well, Well 6, was constructed and placed into service in 1999. When both wells were operational, together they provided nearly one-third of the City’s water supply during peak summer months. However, over time, production from these wells decreased. In 2012, the City contracted with a consulting firm to help investigate the decrease in production from these important wells.

Following a series of ongoing studies, it was determined that the Fulmer Well Field site needed to be rehabilitated.

The first phase of the rehabilitation process, which was completed in 2016 was to conduct a series of studies and tests to verify the condition of well discharge piping (casing) and screens. These studies lead to the use of brushes and chemicals to rehabilitate the well casings and screens.

The City is now currently working on the second phase of the rehabilitation process.  The second phase, called the Fulmer Well Field Improvement Project.

Fulmer project location

Figure A: Project Location

Project Description

The project includes re-equipping of Well 2 and Well 6, to produce much needed drinking water for City peak demands. The major improvements to the Fulmer Facility include:

  • Installing new variable speed pumps at each well.
  • Installing column pipe and associated pump controls including variable frequency drives for well pumps.
  • Installing flow meters.
  • Installing Cathodic Protection.
  • Installing SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) telemetry for Wells 2 and 6, and integrating with the City’s existing SCADA system.
  • Upgrades to the existing disinfection system.

  fulmer well discharge piping
Figure B: Well 6-Discharge Piping

Project Benefits

  • Fulmer wells will have the potential to send approximately 6.48 million gallons per day of water back into the system, which helps meet drinking water peak demands during summer months.
  • Provides the City of Auburn remote control of water production facility and close monitoring of operations.
  • Improves control and efficiency of disinfection systems.

Project Funding

Funding for the design of this project comes from the Water Construction Fund. The total current estimate for construction is $1.5 million.

Project Schedule

The project is currently in design and on schedule for construction beginning in early summer of 2017.

Who to contact for more information?

For more information on this project, please contact Luis Barba P.E., Project Engineer at 253-931-4013 or via email.