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Capital Projects

In addition to the projects listed below, the City has several other projects in design and construction. For more information, please call 253-931-3010, or check our road closure/construction notices.

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Capital Project Contacts:  
Engineering Front Counter
Jacob Sweeting (Assistant City Engineer)
Luis Barba (Project Engineer)
Kim Truong (Project Engineer)
Jai Carter (Street Systems Engineer)    
Ryan Vondrak (Capital Projects Manager)
Matt Larson (Project Engineer)
Mike Kamenzind (Construction Manager)
Seth Wickstrom (Project Engineer)

Featured Capital Project:

22nd St NE & I St NE Intersection Improvements

The 22nd Street NE and I Street NE intersection is currently all-way stop-controlled with four traffic lanes and two bikes lanes in the northbound/southbound approaches and three traffic lanes and one bike lane in the eastbound/westbound approaches. The number of approach lanes combined with the all-way stop-control can make it difficult for drivers to determine when it is their turn to go. Twenty-one collisions, with seven collisions that resulted in injuries have occurred in this intersection during the last five years.

This intersection is also in the walking distance to nearby Cascade Middle School, is located near Metro bus stops, and connects residential neighborhoods and senior housing to the commercial and retail businesses located along Auburn Way North. Approximately 365 pedestrians and cyclists are estimated to cross this intersection daily. The number of vehicle lanes approaching this intersection increases crossing distances for these pedestrians and cyclists, which increases their exposure to traffic.

The City is currently working on a project, the 22nd St NE & I St NE Intersection Improvements project (Project) that will improve the safety for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists crossing this intersection (see Figure A), by constructing a modern roundabout in place of the existing all-way stop-control. The single lane roundabout will reduce driver confusion and traffic delays compared with the current multilane all-way stop control. Pedestrians and cyclists will also be less exposed to traffic since crossing distances will be greatly reduced and median islands will allow them to cross the road one lane at a time and would only have to look for vehicles coming from a single direction.