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Capital Projects

In addition to the projects listed below, the City has several other projects in design and construction. For more information, please call 253-931-3010, or check our road closure/construction notices.

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Capital Project Contacts:  
Engineering Front Counter
Jacob Sweeting (Assistant City Engineer)
Luis Barba (Project Engineer)
Kim Truong (Project Engineer)
Jai Carter (Street Systems Engineer)    
Ryan Vondrak (Capital Projects Manager)
Matt Larson (Project Engineer)
Mike Kamenzind (Construction Manager)
Seth Wickstrom (Project Engineer)

Feature Capital Project: Auburn Way South Corridor Safety Improvements (Muckleshoot Plaza to Dogwood St SE)

Auburn Way South (SR-164) is a major arterial that runs from East Main Street through the heart of the City of Auburn to Academy Drive SE. This vital arterial serves as a main commuter route for the fast growing areas of unincorporated King and Pierce Counties, and connects Auburn to the City of Enumclaw and Mt. Rainier. It is also the main route to the White River Amphitheater, a 20,000 capacity concert venue.

The section of Auburn Way South between the Muckleshoot Plaza and Dogwood Street SE is a high accident corridor where there have been numerous serious and fatal accidents. More specifically, the intersection at Riverwalk Drive SE has the highest accident rate of any intersection within the Auburn City limits. In addition to the safety concerns, this section of Auburn Way South experiences significant traffic congestion.

The City of Auburn is working on the Auburn Way South Corridor Safety Improvements project that, that will construct improvements to Auburn Way South from the Muckleshoot Plaza (Bingo Hall) to Dogwood Street SE, including the intersection at Riverwalk Drive SE (see Figure A). This project is a continuation of the corridor improvements from Dogwood Street SE to Hemlock Drive that were recently completed in the spring of 2016.

FigureA_Muckleshoot_Plaza_to_DogwoodFigure A: Map showing Auburn Way South (SR-164) corridor highlighting this project limits and previous completed projects. Figure A Map - Auburn Way South (SR-164)

Project Description

The Project includes widening Auburn Way South from Muckleshoot Plaza to Dogwood Street SE (See Figure B). The major improvements to make this corridor safer and ease congestion are as follows:

  • Improve access management by consolidating, eliminating, and/or restricting direction of travel in and out of non-signalized driveways, adding raised medians and c-curbing and providing u-turns at signalized intersections.
  • Widen the roadway section to accommodate raised landscaped medians, adding a second left turn lane on eastbound Auburn Way South into the Muckleshoot Casino’s main entrance, transit pull-out areas, and 10’ wide sidewalks.
  • Improve the existing traffic signal systems by enhancing signal operations and coordination between signals, adding flashing yellow arrow operation for left turns, installing traffic monitoring cameras, and enhancing pedestrian safety by installing countdown pedestrian signal heads, ADA compliant audible pedestrian pushbuttons, and new ADA compliant curb ramps at each of the three intersections within the project limits.
  • Improve vehicular and pedestrian visibility by upgrading the existing street lights to meet current standards and using LED technology to enhance the lighting.
  • Incorporate streetscapes to improve the aesthetics of the corridor by planting the planned raised medians, installing street trees and constructing wide sidewalks.
  • Construct storm drainage to accommodate the wider roadway and replace the aging water main that is beyond its useful life.      

FigureB_Muckleshoot_Plaza_to_DogwoodFigure B: Proposed improvements along Auburn Way South including access management and typical cross sections. Figure B - Proposed improvements along Auburn Way South

Project Benefits

  • Improves local and regional access for all users including residents, commuters, emergency responders, transit, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Continues the corridor safety improvements along Auburn Way South. Construction of the previous projects, Dogwood Street SE to Fir Street SE and Fir Street SE to Hemlock Street SE, was completed in the spring of 2016.
  • Updates aging infrastructure that has exceeded its useful life.


Since Auburn Way South is a State Route (SR-164) and the project is located within the Muckleshoot Reservation, the City of Auburn has been working closely with the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe to ensure a successful project. The project also has the full support of the Cities of Algona and Pacific.

Project Funding

Funding for this project is from multiple sources, including federal and state grants and local sources. The total current project estimate is $4.8 million.

Project Schedule

The City of Auburn is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary Right of Way to complete this project and it is anticipated that the design work will be complete in the summer 2016 with construction beginning Fall 2016. Construction duration is expected to last about 12 months.

Who to contact for more information?

For more information on this project, please contact Matthew Larson P.E., Project Engineer at 253-804-5032 or via email