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The City of Auburn government consists of an elected mayor, and seven councilmembers. This is known as a strong mayor form of government. Elected officials serve 4 year terms and Auburn does not observe term limits.

The Mayor is the elected leader of the City. The City of Auburn is governed by the Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor is the executive branch of the City and serves as the full-time chief administrative officer, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City.

The City Council is the seven-member legislative body for the City of Auburn. They are elected to serve at-large to represent the citizens of Auburn and are elected to serve four-year terms under the Mayor/Council form of government.

Auburn residents are represented by elected officials at the city, county, state and federal level. Auburn is represented in two counties (King and Pierce), three legislative districts (30th, 31st and 47th) and the 8th congressional district. Elected officials representing Auburn are:

King County (District 7)

  • Pete von Reichbauer

Pierce County (District 2)

  • Joyce McDonald

30th Legislative District

  • Sen. Mark Miloscia (R)
  • Rep. Linda Kochmar (R)
  • Rep. Carol Gregory (D)

31st Legislative District

  • Sen. Pam Roach (R) 
  • Rep. Drew Stokesbary (R)
  • Rep. Christopher Hurst (D)

47th Legislative District

  • Sen. Joe Fain (R) 
  • Mark Hargrove (R)
  • Pat Sullivan (D)

8th Congressional District

  • Sen. Patty Murray (D)
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell (D)
  • Rep. Dave Reichert (R)

To effectively perform their job, legislators rely heavily on input from many different sources. Yet, much of what they actually decide depends on the views, interests and preferences of the citizens who elect them.

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