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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What should the City's priorities be in 2015?

You ask so I reply. I think our  roads are in really bad shape and should get priority above a new community center.

Dan S.

Certainly congestion reduction and street repair should be at the top of the list.   Many years ago I remember King County offering developers the option of increasing density in areas with adequate infrastructure and roads.   At the time, I knew of no area of King County meeting that criterion with adequate transportation along the I-5 corridor.  Today, the situation is near permanent gridlock.  The city could do its part by limiting new high density development in areas served by substandard roads. 

Here on the West Hill we will soon have 150 new homes that will have very limited exit options during the evening commute.  We have local control in the city.  Why continue compounding the errors of king County?

Bob Z.

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