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Mayor's Feedback Requests

How do you see Auburn?

I still see Auburn as a small town. That is why I have continued to live here for 40 years. It was a smaller town when I moved here, but I just can’t see it as a big city. There is a good reason I don’t live in Seattle.

I would hope that Auburn doesn’t try to become a big city just for the sake of change.

Curt B.

Auburn is a city in terms of its size, but it reminds me very much of a small town, and I grew up on one. We need some larger well known restaurants and things to do - theatre like the Seattle Rep, a store like BevMo that is large, stocks good wine and brand name alcohol, some big store like Macys, Nordstrom, Sears, etc. We need a venue like Kent Station. Kent, Puyallup and Federal Way are way ahead of Auburn.

Linda H.

I prefer the big city. It offers all of the items needed without having to go into Seattle. Also, it provides more revenue to be able to offer services for all ages.

John & Marilyn B.

Auburn has increased its population considerably in the last few years through several annexations which makes it a fairly large city, 14th in Washington. I hope it remains a city of primarily single family occupancy without a high rise core. If we wanted the big city, we would have bought a home in Seattle 35 years ago, not Auburn.

Bob Z.

You asked which I prefer - small town or large town. I moved to Auburn to live in a small town. Now, it seems some are determined to make it a large town. I am looking to move to Sumner or Buckley. Don't like a large town. If I did, I would live in Seattle. 

Robert C.

I have been in Auburn since 1973 and have enjoyed the small town feel and the people that make it feel good. Yes, it would be nice to have a few more amenities but prefer we continue with the closeness our citizens provide. Once we lose that small town feel, we will never get it back.

Ron C.

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