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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What type of businesses should the city pursue downtown?

We need a vibrant downtown to anchor the City of Auburn. This starts with people living, working, shopping and enjoying Downtown Auburn. More activity and visitors are needed downtown including beyond 9 AM – 5 PM.  Suggested offerings to pursue include: 

  • Brewery with food and tasting room
  • Wine bar
  • Bakery
  • Vocational School and/or University Extension
  • Evening dessert provider
  • Bookstore
  • Coffee shop
  • Destination retailers such as music stores, knitting shops
  • Live music club
  • Small fitness clubs such as Cross Fit

Additional improvements that would help:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Short term customer parking with ample turnover
  • Designated employee parking
  • East Main Street improvements matching West Main Street

Thank you for continuing to work on changing and investing in Downtown Auburn!

John B.

There will be no new business in downtown Auburn, because there is no parking. 

building a Restrauant, for example, cost $400/sq ft. 

Why risk that when there is no parking? 

Bruce  A.

Being an avid biker and part of the Auburn PD bike team I would suggest looking into bringing in a Bicycle shop. It is really unfortunate that Auburn does not have one. Main street sees lots of bicycle traffic as it’s a connector for the Interurban trail and the Green River valley routes. Maybe bring in a bike shop who can partner with Ortlieb USA to sell their products here in the city. Ortlieb is a known across the globe for their bicycle products and their USA distributer is located here in Auburn.

Respectfully Submitted
City of Auburn resident Officer Stanley S.

More restaurants & shopping ...similar to Kent Station. I find myself going to Kent Station to dine (and shop, but more so the dining and movies is our main focus there.) Then we also visit Federal Way Target and Trader Joes...our two main stores and Auburn doesn't have them. I would prefer to keep our money here in Auburn, but there's just not enough.

Let's see Auburn grow in areas other than just more medical centers, banks and apartments downtown.


We are looking forward to the new businesses, however I do think it would be great if the construction   workers would not take street parking places.  We bank at Key Bank and most often do not find street parking and their lot is often full. What can be done to help us all?

Damaris D.

(Note: We checked on this issue and confirmed with the contractor that all construction workers are parking in the old Cavanaugh building lot – they purchased the lot from MultiCare shortly after beginning their work. We will continue to work with the construction crews to ensure that they are parking in their designated areas so as to impact available parking for businesses in the area.)

I would like to see  pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. I live in Lakeland Hills and love to see so many people walking, running, and bicycling. It builds community and encourages a healthy lifestyle. I would encourage the city to continue on this path by requiring new neighborhoods to include wide sidewalk and pathways. 

I would like to see a guardrail installed along Lake Tapps Parkway, which runs the base of Lakeland Hills. Great start with regards to pedestrian sidewalk….Now lets protect those stroller walking moms. We need a guardrail for cars and trucks rolling down the hill traveling at minimum 45MPH!

Thanks for this forum

Renee S.

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