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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Is it reasonable for the City to have high expectations for businesses to maintain their properties and to take immediate enforcement action when they don’t?

I am very concerned about our city’s image, and business appearance is a huge part of that. Yes, hold and enforce high standards! Thanks for all that you do.

Ghyrn W.

P.S . Thanks also for re-paving West Valley Highway north of 15th St NW, and increasing the speed limit back up to 40 MPH!!

I strongly believe that property owners, whether private or public, should be expected to maintain the buildings and grounds.

In some cases the business owners hands' are tied if the property owners do not fulfill their part of the lease agreement.  Some downtown businesses struggle with this because it isn't in their budget to complete the maintenance the property owners agree to do.  If building and landscaping maintenance is in the lease agreement and is the business owner's responsibility, then, it is up to the property owner to ensure the building is maintained.

Laura W.

I feel strongly that our citizens deserve better than the visual blight many local businesses present with their lack of upkeep on their properties. It costs little to pull weeds or water a tree, but makes a great deal of difference to how we are perceived. Without enforcement of our codes we all lose. Thanks for asking!!

Sue S.

I wish everyone cared as much as the Sunbreak!

Bruce A.

Thanks for asking the question. Yes, I do think appearance is important. The more attractive and pleasing a business downtown appears, the more likely it is to draw customers and residents. This in turn generates revenue, supports local businesses, and creates a sense of pride and community.

Paula J.

Absolutely the parking and landscaping should be maintained.  Just as a good receptionist is a first impression to a business, so is the maintenance and landscaping.  In turn, well maintained business areas are a first impression of the City. 

Joann F.

I think it would be soooo much better if the building owners came up with a "minimum maintenance standard" that all of the business owners in that neighborhood, block, or area are comfortable with.  This may take some time, but I believe this to be better that if the "city" decides what's right or wrong.   This idea could be expanded to include homeowners or apartment owners (& tenants, I might add).

There are already enough laws/regulations to deal with unsightly buildings and unkempt conditions.

It's always much more acceptable to all stakeholders if the "standards" are  mutually agreed upon.


Larry G.

Guidelines knows as Best Management Practices should be followed by businesses in maintaining their buildings, parking areas and landscaping.  It is in the long-term best interest of businesses, the community and the City of Auburn that properties are maintained.  Deferred maintenance might save a business money in the short-term but it comes at the expense of entire community.  The City of Auburn should take immediate enforcement action at the same time provide ample time for businesses to take corrective measures.  The City should be very understanding of accommodations and specific extensions businesses may need in complying with enforcement.   

(owner of 13 commercial buildings in the City of Auburn)

John B.

Yes, it is very important to the citizens and our community to have great curb appeal by businesses and residents alike. I get really dismayed when I drive by an overgrown yard or green belt in front of a business or resident. The city cod enforcement officers do need to step it up in getting people to clean up their act.

Ron C.

YES, I do care what the businesses look like and would love to see the city hold them to standards. I understand all cannot and will not have manicured landscaping, but when the weeds are taller that the bushes, dead bushes or trees are just left as eyesores, I think something should be done. I can think of several on Main Street and on Auburn way that fit this. I don’t like looking at them, but more so, this is the impression that other get of our town. A Street Automotive is a good example of a proud owner who cares about the appearance of the town. Wish there were more like him.

Curt B.

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