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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What should we program in the new teen/community center?

Before being rehired with the city, I was a para-educator in the Kent School District. I taught a leadership and PE. It was a hit. We also had Boeing reps there teaching science. It was a big hit. I  think having class rooms in the center would be beneficial and maybe having a type of career center to help teens get some type of direction and out look for a successful future

Scott E.

I would like to see an LGBTQI center. I think this group of kids are largely forgotten due to their sexualities. These kids need mental health care, general medical care, career counseling, suicide prevention, and help with homelessness. These kids are often kicked out of their homes when they come out to their families. And are often the subject of much domestic, sexual, mental, and physical abuse. Often at the hand of their own families. I feel like whether or not someone agrees with their sexuality or perceived way of life, children should always get adequate care. Something they often don’t get because they fall through the cracks. These kids need people to show that they care whether or not they live or die. Can you imagine how it would feel if you told your family something they whole-heartedly felt was against their beliefs and kicked you out without regard for your safety? Can you imagine having your own mom and dad disown you? Imagine if we could show these kids the love they deserve. I imagine kids not being homeless, not getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, going on to help others the way they were helped. Now imagine Auburn had a hand in that? It would make me even prouder than I already am of being an Auburn resident. Thank you for your time.

Heather M.

Our youth need programs that will help them build skills. Programs that include community service, helping others and building communication skills. These skills and more could be obtained through programs doing community service or a project, mentoring, and a referee training program to help them learn how to be a mentor to younger youth. 

Jaime B.

I don't think it is the place for Auburn to be the Nanny City.  Yes, I think you should provide, Parks, and other recreational areas, but I don't think the City should try to replace PARENTS.  I see way to many LAZY parents expecting the government to train the children.  Instead, we need to train the parents that they have a HUGE responsibility bringing up their children. 

You asked me for my opinion, and there it is.

John C.

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