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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What would you like to see developed in Auburn?

I've enjoyed the changes you've made to the weekly update and look forward to good things from your administration.

My suggestion to improve the quality of life here in a small but significant way would be to arrange for the city to accept electronic payments for utility bills.

As things stand now, I can pop on the webpage for my bank or credit union's bill-pay service, and with a few clicks arrange for my payees to receive their funds electronically the next day. Some billers even allow me to pick up a copy of my bill directly from the BECU bill-pay website:  No more precious time spent logging into website after website collecting and paying each bill separately.

Alas, not so with Auburn, which still doesn't even accept electronic payments. This means a separate trip to the City's utility billing website each month to collect my bill, and then manually entering a debit card number if I want to make immediate payment. I can send payment via my bank or credit union's bill-pay service, but they must issue and mail the city a check on my behalf, so payment may take a week or more to be credited.

The city's "we don't accept electronic payments" procedure feels increasingly like an artifact of the electronic dark-ages. Any chance that policy could be updated?

Thanks so much for hearing me out. Best of luck with the new job.


Danielle S.

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