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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What does the term "inclusive city" mean to you?

The signs around town are a complete waste. Inclusive is how I treat my neighbors, co-workers, etc. Nobody is going to change their attitude based on a sign, it requires a change of heart.

Brett C.

We do a pretty good job, really, but there are many, many people who do not feel included -- don't even feel welcome to include themselves in the life of the city. Perhaps it m ight be possible to ask leaders of  our various ethnic  communities to attend a series of city council meetings (one each!) to represent  their communities: who they are, where they are from,  what they need, and what they have to offer.

Marjorie R.

To me, the word “inclusive” means that the city is very interested in everything the public has to say about the city and how its run. Everything that the governing body comes up with, the public will be able to voice their opinion and have a say in the matter. But, the question is, will they be listen too?

Scott E.

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