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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Would it be helpful if City offices had later hours?

Even open until 7 or 7:30 once a month would be helpful. However, I suggest that you consider adjusting some staff schedules so the city services were available one day a WEEK until 6 p.m. I feel that would be more helpful to more citizens than a once a month late opening. 

Joan M.

While I understand the attempt at providing services for those who work past the hours City Hall is normally open, I have concerns about the security of the staff and the building by creating the potential for the “unwanted element” to have access to a government facility. 

Without carrying on any kind of stereotype, the legitimate clientele of City Hall understand that the hours are protracted and will adjust their day accordingly to take care of any business they have there. My fear is that though there may be a few who benefit from having legitimate services available at off-peak hours, it will create an unnecessary security risk and could lead to vandalism, harassment, and other abuse. 

Very respectfully, 

Erik W.

I have lived here in Auburn for 57 Years and can not see why business can’t be conducted at regular weekday hours. My husband was a City worker at one time, I wouldn’t want him working every Saturday of the year. If it was on rotating bases it would have to be a very skill person to be able to know all departments. Just forget it. It was bad enough when he was on rotation calls on weekends. It wasn’t with the City of Auburn either.

Thanks for the opportunity to submit my thoughts and the option.

Mavis H.

I believe maybe a 6:00 PM closing might be in order for those that can't get away during the day. I am not aware of any that would need time later, but, like committees meeting at 7:00 PM and later, a city client could make an appointment the staff to be there later in the day, versus having staff sitting there til 9:00 PM once a month or so, just in case someone wants to come in.

Ron C.

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