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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Would you approve the placement of a marijuana related business in Auburn?

As a family deeply affected by the ravages of drugs (which began with marihuana) I will always be highly opposed to marijuana.

Barb M.

Marijuana should be legal anywhere alcohol or tobacco is legal.  There are less problems with it and It is safer that either of them.

Bob Z.

Auburn voters approved the idea of allowing the drug for recreational use. Therefore, I believe we should allow the stores in town and should not let a vocal minority stop that from happening. Secondly, I don't think it matters where we place the stores as I would not expect buyers to to get into a euphoric state right outside the store. Nor do I think location will affect children

Dan S.

I am writing this email in response to your newsletter of March 21st. In this newsletter you pose the question as to whether Auburn should honor the will of the voters and allow marijuana related businesses to open in Auburn.

In my opinion it is quite obvious that we should indeed allow businesses in this industry to open in our town. The voters have made their choice and marijuana is legal in our state. As elected officials it seems to me that you and the city council should support the will of the majority of the people.

Jim Q.

No marijuana for Auburn

Pete & Sharon N.

Yes... Follow the same rules that apply towards the sell of alcoholic beverages...

That goes for the use also...... with the exception to bar and restaurants... no use at all in those places.

David A.

I do not approve of a marijuana related business anywhere, including my town of Auburn.  Thank you for asking!

D. Larson

Definitely no Marijuana business in Auburn.  That would only cause more problems.  Thanks for asking for our opinion.

John and Marilyn B.

Look at the success Colorado has had and the tax income, this would be a boon to Auburn. I wouldn't intentionally locate a business close to a school, but with the security I have seen in Colorado, I would have no concerns where the business is located.

I hope Auburn is forward thinking and more than I imagined.

Victor T.

No thank you!!

Krista P.

I am completely opposed.

We already have a casino, a bingo hall, amphitheater, horse race track and most importantly of all a city that allows fireworks.  Isn't that enough to bring people to our city, use our roads, rely on public services to help clean up? 

Do these visitors buy in Auburn?  Pay taxes in Auburn?  No...they are traveling through the City to patronize places not available to them in surrounding cities.  And places that don't pay an equal share of profit and income to problems and EPA issues caused.

Doubt that what I say will influence any decision made but do appreciate the chance to say it.

Kathie and Mike B.

No I would NOT approve the placement of a marijuana related business in Auburn! We have enough trouble keeping drugs and alcohol out of our children's hands already. The city does not need to make it any easier for our children to have access to it by making it readily available at local stores.

I work in our schools and I know first hand the problems these kinds if things cause. It's bad enough our children have easy access to alcohol now don't make the same mistake with marijuana.

Kaelin H.

Absolutely No!

It should definitely use the same rules that alcohol and cigarette rules have if not more.

Helen C.

Yes, I think it would be a good thing. Not only will it make it easier for the responsible adults to have access to it, without dealing with the black market. It will at least put some control of the regulation of it in the hands of the city. To say having these they will make it easier for children to get it is silly. Kids have no trouble getting it now so, how could it hurt to try and regulate some of the market? And then the city could use some of the funds made to go to law enforcement and school programs to help fight and educate the children. To not allow them is almost reckless by just covering your eyes telling yourself there isn't a problem. 

Kevin D.

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