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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Do you believe the media reports the events fairly, or do they work to sway opinions?

It’s a sad affair, but the media coverage  is horrible. Why is it you can turn on CNN, they have one view, Fox they have another, MSN they have another.  Its like they  are all out  to discredit each other instead of acknowledging  the problem and finding solutions. They media feeds off of bad deeds and not enough good. Personally , media should not have an opinion the matter and just present  non bias views and let the facts revile the truth.

Scott E.

I think they sway opinion instead of just reporting the facts and letting the community form there own opinion.

Dana M.

Absolutely the media needs chaos to prosper:

When Hearst Artist Frederic Remington, cabled from Cuba in 1897 that "there will be no war," William Randolph Hearst cabled back: "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war."

No truer then than now.

John R.

I am afraid that the "media" isn't fair, respectful, or balanced.  If you listen closely, all the media refer to their "shows" instead of to their "news reports".  When did that definition change?  It seems that ALL the media is more interested in entertainment and upping their ratings or distribution.

In long gone days, the media tried to report the news in a balanced fashion, were not afraid of asking hard questions, and separated "news" from "opinion".  These days, the questions are biased and usually contain an opinion.

I certainly wouldn't have the patience needed to handle a media event or an interview.

The media handling of the Michael Brown, Eric Garner, etc. --in my opinion--is nothing but propaganda.  None of the media focused on the real issue--a policeman was doing their job to the best of their ability and training and unfortunate outcomes developed.  That may be why the grand juries did not indict any one.  If this propaganda keeps up, we are headed for a vigilante state with no police.

Larry G.

I do believe the reporting is biased and exaggerated. For example, as a former Auburn pastor, now retired, I am aware that more reporting should be done about the good being done by the churches and Christian organizations. Also, more needs to be reported about the crimes against Christians here in the United States and around the world. 

On another note, the current bullies are the gay community leaders. Example recently is the Houston Mayor who is gay and went after pastors who dared to preach what the Bible clearly says about that activity.

Thank you,

Paul B.

I think the media goes out of its way to distort the news and is totally unfair to the police and the border patrol.


I would 1st like to say how much we appreciate our Auburn PD.

Yes, the news need to do more consensus reporting.. Especially with the headlines, white cop kill black teen etc. why continue the white vs black?

Brenda L.

Fox News is just off the wall with mis-information.

Andy W.

I do believe the Media is sensationalism driven. By that I mean they will embellish any story and also paint only one side to get people to read, respond and so forth. I do not believe media in almost any form is accurate and unbiased. Case in point, the latest event when the suspect pointed a gun at a police officer and then was killed. The media chose to only report a police officer again killed a black man. Somehow, the freedom of speech needs to be punished when it continues to lie, cheat and steal the valuable time from the consumer.

Ron C.