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Mayor's Feedback Requests

How would you spend $1 million to fix anything in Auburn?

With all the wonderful things that could be done. It still has to be roads. Until all the roads in Auburn are paved and smooth, it has to be roads. No ruts or potholes would be such a pleasure. It just has to be roads. It’s embarrassing to take out of town friends around Auburn and drive on pot holed and bumpy roads.

Helen C.

I realize it would not cover all the bases of ruts and potholes but I would use the funds to fix many of the roads in our town to help the residence commute to the retail stores.

Ron C.

Fix our worn out roads that put extra stress on our autos and make the drive smooth so we don't waste gas sitting in traffic. 

Thanks for the blinking yellow left turn lights!!! But it didn't happen (yet) at my most used turn (Aub Way So turning onto 4th SE). I know, it's a busy intersection. 

The roads are something that all of us use. 

Byrdena H.

I’d repair as many streets as possible. My first nominations would be: East Main just west of R Street, most of the north lane of 17th SE from M St to A St, most of Howard Rd, and the right lane going north on Riverwalk just south of Auburn Way South. C St right lane going south from Highway 18 to 15th SE could stand a little work also. These are all highly traveled streets. This is more important than a new entrance to 

Don A.

Repair the roads before ice makes the damage worse with $1 million.

Linda H.

I would use it to help feed kids, I know there are programs out there doing it through schools, but when school ends or they are on break I know they need to be helped.

Scott E.

A quick response team to fix potholes would be high on the list. Potholes damage cars and are unsafe for motorcycles.

Hire better city planners. My gripe is that I see a line of cars backed up coming down 277th from East Hill. How many more houses can be built up there, Kent and Auburn, before the roads are just packed? Please don’t tell me a Costco is coming to the 277th and Auburn Way intersection. The roads just can’t handle the capacity. 


Duane C.

This may seem like a biased answer but I truly believe that $1,000,000 would go a long way toward repairing some of the aging and, in some cases, crumbling infrastructure of the city starting with the roads. Past experience has shown that when a prospective resident or business visits a city and experiences bumpy, broken streets, they are more likely to have second thoughts about investing in a place that people are not going to want to drive. This goes for water, storm, and sewer systems as well. While the city has invested in these areas there is still a long way to go and not enough in the way of funds to make the impact that is truly needed. 

David O.

Streets and roads, but $ 1 million would not go very far. 

Bob Z.

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