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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Should we place surveillance cameras in more public parks?

I can say for Brannan Park, I know proper lighting would be far more productive than cameras!!!! I recommend you go there and park at night and see how dark it is!! You have families going there for "Parks and Rec." activities and walking back to their vehicles, where it is so dark you need a flashlight to unlock your door. I would rather see $ spent on lighting so I can see what I myself am doing; rather than the city seeing what we are doing thru cameras. I am not opposed to cameras, but there should be priorities!!

Cameras in public places do a lot to ensure the safety of people and property.  They don't prevent every possible instance of violence or destruction of property, but people think twice about their actions if they know they can be seen, whether it's by being observed by real people, or virtual people, cameras, recording their activities.  Cameras can be a great tool for law enforcement as well, in the aftermath of illegal activity.

Thanks for asking our opinions!
Nancy C.

Our youth and community members are the foundation of our future – any preventative measures for their safety is in the best interest of a proactive community!

Trudi M.

Yes I think all the parks should have cameras facing the parking lots with clearly visible signs indicating they are present. It would also reduce vandalism if they were posted at locations that had a lot of vandalism and maybe catch some of them in the act. Being on pole camera’s as high as the one you showed at Sunset defeats the purpose of prosecution since they are too high in the air to get license plates or facial features.

Kim T.

I certainly agree with adding surveillance to more of the parks!

You may have heard about an incident last summer at Roegner Park. This could have been better figured out if the dog park area had been covered by a camera.  They could also use a camera at the parking area at Roegner due to the number of theft issues people have been having from vehicles.

I’m sure that Veterans’ Memorial, Les Gove, Game Farm and Game Farm Wilderness Parks could all do with some surveillance cameras as well.

George W.

Yes – I think we should have cameras in the Auburn Parks.  I’ve seen a lot of graffiti and the only way to charge someone for defacing a park is to have proof.  I also think the cameras will pick up and hopefully reduce other unsavory activities!

Gayle K.

Absolutely, if we can afford more!  They will decrease the burden of vandalism repair and free such funds for many other vital projects.  More importantly, they will deter serious crime from occurring in parks.  Good signage should also be installed to clearly state surveillance is occurring.

On a separate but related subject, traffic stop cameras should also be deployed at busy intersections in addition to schools where possible.  They have been proven to decrease accidents and injury.  Saving life is worth so much more than dollars.

Don & JoAnn J.

Yes keep them as a matter of public safety, period.

Brian. B.

I'm all for  it. City got a grant for $15,000.00 to put those 3 step chairs. That's a lot of money. I would like to think we would respect this gift and protect it. One of the ways to do that is with cameras.

Wayne W.

I most certainly support having quality cameras in all our parks. Only those who have something to hide will complain. It is a public place people do not or should not have an expectation of privacy. I manage properties in SE Auburn and after we put up cameras throughout our properties the crime rate dropped "moved down the 2 blocks street away from us". We have been able to identify and prosecute more thieves and vandals. We work closely with APD, a very awesome police department, best I've seen. The only people we have had complain about our security system is those who break the law and our policies.

Jim B.

Brannan park is my back yard. I would love to see cameras there. M-80's are set off late at night; older youth hang out in packs; we along the fence line get broken into from time to time. Definitely cameras. 

Barb M.

I agree with the placement of cameras in parks; however, not sure where the money is coming from.  We have too many parks to adequately maintain.

Darlene L.

I support surveillance cameras, however when it involves public property there should be signage indicating there are cameras.  However, I do support their use.  It helps with public safety and protects taxpayers' assets.

Shelly C.

Yes, we agree that they are useful and should be installed.

Sonna and Don A.

My thought is the cameras in a park that are capturing cars being broken into and or other vandalism being done is perfectly fine (criminal activity only).

However, in my opinion, it is dead wrong to have cameras used for Revenue Generation such as the Red Light cameras.  There are 2 reactions that drivers have when Red Light Cameras are present, they either lock up the brakes or put the gas pedal to the floor.  Either one can cause an accident.  I have even heard comments about people shopping in other places rather than to allow particular cities form benefiting from their additional sales tax after being harassed by these nuisances’.  I am sure that our businesses’ and city doesn’t want that kind of repercussion.

Larry M.

Yes, more cameras would help prevent problems.

I think having the cameras is a wonderful idea.  I have read about huge numbers of situations in which the images from surveillance cameras have been helpful in investigating bad situations and identifying wrongdoers.

Pete B.

Yes I agree that public spaces should have cameras. I have them at my house. You shouldn't be doing anything out of the ordinary in a public space. If you want to do something that is out of the mainstream it should be done in the sanctity of your home or residence.

Mike H.

Cameras at Sunset Park don't seem to have deterred any illegal activity. The skate park is continually vandalized. If the activity is observed, are there the resources to handle it?

Todd O.

This is in response to Larry M. regarding red light cameras at intersections. I use the Auburn Way South & 4th St SE intersection many times a month & have explained this to Mayor Lewis and other council members.

Going south on Auburn Way, the green arrow to turn left onto 4th St SE is so short that the yellow light comes on before the first or 2nd car has cleared the intersection. That was the Detour Route for many cars for over a year when M St SE was closed.  When I was the 3rd of 5 cars in line, I would have to wait for all the lights to cycle to go on the 2nd green arrow.

My point here is that every time 1 or 2 cars run their red light, it is using the few seconds that my lane has a green arrow!! A penalty of a fine is the only deterrent to red light runners!!

Byrdena H.

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