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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Should we ban smoking in some or all of our parks? Why or why not?

There are more folks that are non smokers than smokers today. With the advent of pot smoking and tobacco smoking, I recommend no smoking in all designated parks. As a compromise for the first year, designate one or two parks that smoking can be allowed for the first year. I realize for a smoker it is important to have a place to puff away, however, walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke is just not fun and enjoyable.

Ron C.

I don't smoke, but it doesn't bother me outdoors. Unless it becomes a littering issue, no.

Bob Z.

I would support a ban on public smoking as far and wide as it can be done. I don’t understand people who are against banning smoking. I was a smoker so I understand that aspect of this. However, I don’t understand how a smoker’s right to smoke supercedes my right to not breathe in their smoke. Smoker’s often are rude whether they are aware of it or not. They exhale their smoke and suddenly I have to inhale it. They throw cigarette butts down at the least littering and at the most possibly causing a fire. My mom has asthma and everytime she has to go through someone’s smoke, it sends her into a cough attack and makes her wheeze. Imagine how many people with varying health conditions that are affected negatively by second hand smoke. Whose rights matter more?

Heather M.

I wholeheartedly support a ban on any smoking at all times in all of Auburns parks. Not only the parks with children's play areas but those parks where adults walk/relax/jog/etc.

Perhaps, since there are dog parks, a smokers park could be established for just smokers.

I have yet to see any smoker put his/her cigarette butt in a disposer container. Instead, I have observed that the cigarette gets tossed down to the ground and stepped on to extinguish it and it is left there. That is still littering, IMHO. It's a disgusting habit.

True story: Many years ago I was at a park playground with my friend, her children, and my young children. Her youngest, Michael was about 18 months old at the time. He came toddling up to his mother and asked for a drink. My friend asked him, "Michael, what are you chewing?" "Gum" he replies, heartily chomping away.  Knowing she had not given him any chewing gum, she asked "who gave you gum?" He says "nobody. I found it in the sandbox". Wait for it..you know what's coming. He pointed to numerous stubbed out cigarette butts and was chewing on one. 

That's disgusting, even after 25 years. But the second-hand smell of smoking  is also disgusting and dangerous to children who can't tell a grownup to put the smelly object out.  For children who grow up in a smoke-free environment, the smell is also very objectionable, as it causes headaches due to the blood vessels constricting from the nicotine.

Please, ban ALL smoking at ALL times in ALL Auburn City Parks. I'm not the only citizen that avoids smokers in public areas.  Just because it's outside doesn't mean the smokers have the right to pollute, whether leaving butts on the ground for others to clean up or making air nasty to breathe.

Thank you for asking for public opinion.

A concerned citizen,

Moana H.

Ban all smoking from our public parks in Auburn.

John & Marilyn B.

Yes to ban on smoking in Auburn parks.

Sara K.

I would think that there could be some designated areas in the park that a smoker, or the family of a smoker could go to as to not bother other people or families.

The smoker pays for the parks also and has a right to use them like every one.

David G.

YES – I would approve of a smoking ban in ALL parks in the city.   Smokers always throw their cigarette butts on the ground as if they are not litter.  Parks should portray health – people outside recreating with family, friends, walking dogs, picnicking.  Smoking is not part of that!!

Linda B.

YES to the BAN of smoking in all city parks. Cigarette butts under the children's playground equipment is a bad example for their young minds. 

I feel sorry for the birds resting on light poles over our busiest roadways. The pollution they breathe has to be immense. We don't need more. 

I am really disappointed in my fellow Washingtonians' habits. I thought we were a State of the most healthy soles. 

My husband once said to me that "his smoking didn't used to bother me this much." I said "I didn't used to be this old." End of subject. He started smoking at 13 years old, died at age 71. 

I can't believe people still smoke!! Dumb, dumb, and now marijuana? How about the 47% who voted no? It should have been decided with more than a simple majority. 

Byrdena H.

The problem is enforcement, Every time I go to Les Gove I see a contingency of people that smoke Pot and Drink and scare people away. The locals were hanging out in a couple trucks and an old motor home and slept in the park last winter 


Scott N.

Why should the parks have No Smoking, its outside. You already banned everything else. We should have some freedom, since we pay our taxes just like anyone else. The health conditions on it is our choice and if non-smokers are concerned about there health, what about all the other health problems out there. Sorry I know its a problem in 2015 with cigarette butts on the ground than why not enforce more ash trays. We do pay taxes.

Lydia F.

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