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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Do you believe there is a gender gap in regards to pay?

Sadly, in this day and age, two people, different genders, doing the exact same job – and all other things being equal. are often paid differently.

As a Federal Government Employee I appreciated the fact that no matter your age, gender, ethnic background, or sexual preference if you were a G13 step 1 HR Manager you were paid exactly the same as every other HR Manager with the same job description EXCEPT for locale differentiation i.e. one got slightly more in areas with higher costs of living.  

I have never been able to figure out why this is such a difficult concept to apply across the board in all companies.   It is high time we have pay equality.

Marie L.

I do not believe that there is a "Gender Pay Equality" gap. I think that when the current dialogue is digested and the facts examined closely, there is no gap. There certainly has been tremendous progress in the last two decades to assuage any gap, and there are numerous avenues of recourse. I don't think time, energy and resources (tax dollars) should be devoted to this. 

Part of an op-ed by Arnold Ahlert on "Patriot Post" April 2, 2014:

"On the other hand, when an apples-to-apple comparison is made, as in controlling for occupation, experience, hours worked per week, education and other choices, a 2009 study commissioned by the Department of Labor reveals that the so-called wage gap narrows to approximately five cents on the dollar. This corroborates a 2005 study compiled by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which concluded that the gender gap “largely stems from choices made by women and men concerning the amount of time and energy devoted to a career, as reflected in years of work experience, utilization of part-time work, and other workplace and job characteristics.”

Originally published at FrontPage Magazine.

Larry G.

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