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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Do you hold Federal, State & Local electeds to different standards? Why or why not?

I expect the same thing from all elected officials, to do their best to represent the citizens and have our backs.

I think they are all same, no matter what branch of Govt. I lived in Ketchikan Alaska , it’s a real small town . I’ve seen the same type of games and questionable spending at small govt. that are being played at the Senate and House level. It even goes on in school districts. Bottom line, no matter what type or size of govt., no one is held accountable and the higher up the food chain you go the less people are there to keep them in check. They all seem to be Exempt

Scott E.

I hold all levels of politicians to the same standard. I expect honesty and integrity. By the time they reach the national stage, most have proven themselves be have serious deficiencies. I expect them to meet their fiduciary responsibilities, but as King County Councilman Paul Barden told me 20 years ago, I probably have “unreasonable expectations.”

The current Initiative 594 TV commercial running daily starring King and Kitsap County prosecutors, Daniel Satterberg and Russell Hague, demonstrate serious credibility issues for those 2 county politicians. They claim firearms are illegally purchased online with websites shown in the video. If that is happening, those illegal acts online will leave a readily traceable digital record. Rather than campaign for more laws, why do they not simply do their jobs enforcing current laws by prosecuting the violators? If we cannot trust these elected officers of the court to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, who can we trust? When they are misleading us, what are their true motivations? What could they really be trying to accomplish?

I could site many other examples, but the state Supreme Court has ruled politicians are under no obligation to tell the truth, but lying is “unethical.” Could it be they might be in contempt of themselves if they had ruled for truth and integrity? After all, they are elected too.


Bob Z.

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