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Mayor's Feedback Requests

How important to you is it to keep the public health clinic in Auburn open?

I feel it is important that the underclasses have access to medical care, and I would hope that there is some one there to help these people navigate the options under the ACA.

Daniel S.

It is my opinion that public health is on of the highest priorities of government, right up with education, law enforcement and physical infrastructure. If we don’t support public health, we are abandoning one of the real pillars of a civilized society. 

The City of Federal Way just appropriated $220,000 to support its King County Health Clinic, and I think Auburn should do the same. I have looked, but I haven’t found a number for the amount that Auburn would need to spend to reach a similar deal with King County, but I think it should be a city government priority to try to make that appropriation. 

I have just spent a couple of hours poking around in the city budget. I think it is really well done, and I compliment both the city staff and you elected people for the way it has been put together. 

I realize that if Auburn is to write a check to Dow Constantine to support the Clinic, the money needs to come from somewhere. If it becomes necessary to actually cut somebody’s budget to get money for the Clinic, I think the least essential of the services provided by the city is parks and recreation. I totally realize that P&R’s services do have real value to the community, but I think public health is a higher priority, and this is one of the tough choices that should be made for the overall good of the Auburn community. 

Another possibility would be to make the appropriation, then try to replace the money through donations or fundraising projects from the community or, taking a more modern approach, perhaps even a crowd-funding appeal. We might get a pleasant surprise from one of those efforts, who knows? 

If I can do something to help any of this come about, let me know, 

Pete B.

Please do whatever we need to do to keep the Auburn Clinic Open. 

I do not need it but as I read your weekly letter, it struck me that the people who need the clinic may not have ready access to a computer and may not be seeing the question you are asking. Just in case, I am advocating for those who are unable to do so for themselves. 

Those of us who have the means to get medical care have no idea what it must be like to have a sick child or an ailment that keeps one from work and no money or way to get help. Auburn has a population that works hard but does not always have the means for “extras” like medical care, school supplies, and food. Please let us do what we can to make sure that our community gets the service it needs. Please. 

Marie L.

With all the docs and nurses and dentists in Auburn, including those that live here and work elsewhere, how about some partnership where they donate 2 hours or so each week. Doesn't seem like much and they can get a tax deduction for it.

Use the new 'activity center" in Les Gove as the "office".

The Closure of the Public Health Clinic is going to cause a spiral effect to other services which are already trying to stay afloat. Women and Children will lose their WIC benefits. You can't get rid of something and have no plan in place how to serve people getting these services. They people already have transportation issues causing barriers to care. Let's get real and not be the only city that doesn't save their cities clinic.

Thank You

Betsy K.

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