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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What would you be willing to give up or reduce, in order to have more funding available to fix the roads?

Would like to see some of the funds for the Community Center apply to fixing the roads. MAin St is having some serious issues as well as 15th SW.

Ron C.

Unfortunately, the city will never cut enough to solve its revenue crisis any more that the Feds will. Taxes for the elite are lower than they have been in the history of this country. The beneficiaries continue stock piling assets in foreign accounts.

If Congress approves the Southern Hemisphere and Asia Free Trade Agreement commonly known as SHAFTA, we will be lucky to maintain gravel roads. It is time for the local and state authorities to pressure Congressman Reichert to show some leadership. If he could get a few sane House Republicans to abandon the campaign to assert 19th century style dominion over us peons, restoration of the 20th century economy will be possible.

I do not believe we will have good streets in Auburn until America readopts a sane tax policy and reasonable trade policy leading to control of the trade deficit.

Bob Z.

I am fairly new to Auburn and love the people and the feeling of community. What I don't love are the high taxes. You recently asked what we were willing to do or willing to give up to fund the roads.

I would like to make an informed decision regarding your question. Is there a place I could see where ALL our taxes are going? Not just for police and schools, but also the special programs and projects. I am just baffled when I see so much of our income taken in taxes, and I hear that there is no money for roads. I would love to give you informed feedback. 

As a single income family, I see our income reduced by taxes when it is earned AND when it is spent. We are even taxed for owning something!. I have never been in a community where taxes are so high on property, or where taxes consume so much of our income. 

Sincerely Wanting To Know, 
Dan D.

I would be willing to give up one of the parking attendants down town and the millions of dollars going toward the new community center(we already have the YMCA and the Auburn Parks). 

The roads have been in disrepair for a long time. This is something that is basic maintenance for the city and should have been allocated for.

Erin F.

Where is all the money for the parks coming from? While it is great to have beautiful parks and Auburn has an abundance. There have been tons of parks pictures posted lately with new and improved updates. Why is there no funding for road repairs? Also I would think these sand and gravel companies that are part of the reasons some on the roads are so bad should be taxed and paying for repairs. Sad to hear about green river comm. college tragic events. I used to attend school there myself, definitely needs more lighting and safer walking paths. Of coarse these are just my opinions and thoughts. Love the updates! Thanks Auburn!

Clearly by the comments on this page people want roads fixed. It really needs to be a priority in some cases. This very much illustrated the need for Auburn to not only register to vote but actually vote have knowledge and understanding about what exactly you vote for or against. To me everyone wants the job done but no one wants to sacrife or pay for it. Understandably so with the economy being what it is. I can't wait to attend the meeting I. My neighborhood (mines last) and understanding of how things work is never a bad thing.

Are there workshops offered at places such as the library or senior center offered to answer questions for voters? Or explain more indept for some? I read my voters phamplet front to end and still a lot of it is very hard to understand.

I would think that larger businesses with big rig trucks are probably taxed at a higher rate for road repairs? Not sure but it makes sense. Clearly those trucks are tearing up the roads more then normal wear and tear.

Thanks City of Auburn for always trying to answer my questions. I look forward to attending the workshop in my area and hearing more.

Leslie R.

I feel strongly that we need to make road improvements. Roads are infrastructure and if we don’t patch holes regularly, it will be far more expensive to do the entire route. I’ve seen lots of changes downtown, arguably for sewer repairs, drainage and such, but the there is a new surface entirely.

We spend a lot on it-would-be-nice-to-have things like a community center, art, the Auburn Theatre, parades…. Auburn needs to find a balance somewhere and keep up with road repairs, especially on major arteries such as Lakeland Hills Way, A Street, B Street that goes north to 277th, Auburn Way, et al. Maybe we do with less fluff for a few and better roads for everyone.

Linda H.

I noticed an article about Jay Inslee and the need for a transportation package. Correct this is not a partisan issue. However, Jay Inslee has made it a partisan issue adding to the price of gasoline by adding ethanol by 20 to 40 cents a gallon, when the people of this state object to even a 10 cents a gallon gas tax for transportation. These are issues the public is rightly concerned about because it affects their personal bottom line. 

I am willing to talk about transportation, if all the reasons for the problem are presented to the public: the requirement to pay inflated wages for construction projects, shoddy design and construction of bridges, unreasonable UN resolutions concerning the environment. Yes, we need a viable transportation network. Why could President Eisenhower construct the Interstate highway system in a short period of time in the 1950s, and it takes more than a year to construct a bypass (Route 18 & I-5) in the 2010s? There has to be a better way than , pardon the analogy, the road we are on.

Marie-Anne H.

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