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Mayor's Feedback Requests

What types of funding would you support for road funding?

One of my biggest concerning about State handling of this is the lost leadership we have had in managing the funds that do come in. DOT is a good example. regional may be better if we can be assured the funds are not there to pay someone a high salary for studying how many potholes we have. The funds need to be focused on fixing the roads, not lining pockets.

Ron C.

I have lived in this area many years. Things should have been done many years ago to plan for future growth. Everyone I have ever talked to has blamed past and present politician's for are problems. You look at other major city's, and there transit, wide with many lanes freeway's, etc. Got built for growth years ago. What has Washington done? Pass the buck, do money wasting study's, and basically sit on there hands! How many times now when your driving around and are roads look like a patch work quilt! Or patched up pot holes everywhere. It makes city's look like hell! Where is all the money gone over the years? Special interests groups? And there project's? Who know anymore. People say they should have built more highway's like 405, 167, etc. years ago. Yes they should have. People say why is it they are taking so long to do road repair? Why not work crews around the clock on shifts and get it done! I just have no faith in any of it around here anymore, and I know there are many who feel the same way. It's hopeless it seems to count on any people in office to get it. I myself, I give up on all of it, and have seen other place's way better than here, and plan on leaving this state.

Ken A.

I think some of our major corporations need to do more to relieve road congestion.. Microsoft has their own buses, meanwhile Boeing reduced telecommuting options and I now have to commute from Auburn to Eastgate 3 days a week.  If they would at least provide shuttle vans or buses to & from the major transit centers it would help. 


It doesn't matter how nice the new library is, how many teen centers there are, how pretty the parks are, how many dogs show up at the event--if you can't get there without driving over and around potholes and broken asphalt those niceties are all for naught.  These bad streets also diminish the standing of the city in the eyes of businessmen wanting to move to Auburn.  It is critical to all of Auburn to fix all the streets.  

When I voted for the "Save our Streets" tax, I did not understand that only certain streets would get repaired.  I mistakenly thought the tax included all streets.  I would love to be on the committee that selects the streets, but I am afraid that the other committee members couldn't stand the ideas I would present.

Larry G.

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