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Mayor's Feedback Requests

How should we fund sidewalk repairs?

Yes, I think cities should pay for sidewalk repair. Most of the sidewalks that need to be repaired is because of the trees that were planted next to it. Who owns the trees? Well I know as a home owner you cant just go out and cut them.

Scott E.

No, city money should be spent on roads, not sidewalks.  (It also should not be spent to by property for parks in lieu of repairing infrastructure.)

Linda H.

Property owner expense. At the same time, the city needs to monitor where, how and what trees the developers puts on the property. We have 5 trees planted in our front yard which is basically the size of a master bedroom, if that. Our house is only 15 years old and already the roots have lifted the sidewalk so it is a safety hazard in one spot. One of our neighbor’s trees in the front yard are on top of the grass. They do not go down in the ground but completely cover the top of the front yard. Obviously not a good choice of a tree to plant in the area (my understanding is the city gives the developer a list of acceptable trees) as the roots spread out instead of going down in the earth. I’m not an arborist, nor is most my neighbors, so more direction for the specific growing areas from the city might be helpful. 

Janine P.

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