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Mayor's Feedback Requests

Where would you take a first-time visitor to Auburn?

I would take them to the overlook park next to Mountain View Cemetery because you can see the whole city with Mount Rainier in the distance and get the context of the different parts: the hills (Lakeland, Lea Hill, Muckleshoot, and West Hill), where the main roads are, where the neighborhoods are located, what the points of interest are. At ground level Auburn doesn't always give a good first impression, --fast food places, warehouses, parking lots, convenience stores, motels, train yards, etc. Getting above it all and seeing the city as a whole is very informative and puts Auburn in a better light. 

Hope that helps! 

Nancy C.

I would start my tour of Auburn at the White River Historical Society Museum to give visitors a backdrop for understanding our local history, and how the past has influenced who we have become. The Historical Society does a great job of keeping the citizens of Auburn connected to their diverse past. I believe visitors would find a visit to the museum enriching and informative. 

Marie-Anne H.

I would take a first time visitor to our city to lunch on the patio at the Golf Course, followed by a visit next door to the Mary Olson Farm, followed by a visit to the White River Valley Museum! 

Best regards, 

Scott G.

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