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An update to the people from Mayor Pete Lewis

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December 27, 2013
This is the very quiet moment of our year. All of the federal and state, regional and county officials are out. Most of the Council is off. It is just the mayor's office and all of the people in your city government working for you to keep the city going
December 20, 2013
You'd think it would calm down in Government about this time of year. Oh no! There's always something going on. I had hoped that I would get through the end of the year without a few things happening but more on that later. Monday night at Council your Councilmembers were
December 6, 2013
Let’s start of with a point of personal privilege, Happy Birthday Sister Mine! Then I have to talk about your City Council. Well, you’ve heard it many times, I am really proud of them. Each one is on at least two city committees, several county and or regional committees as
November 27, 2013
This just in from Pioneer Elementary School, home to WHALECAT! Good morning Supporters! The much anticipated "Whalecat 2" and "What Does the Fox Say?" videos are out! Whalecat 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvjM0FGOwa0 What Does the Fox Say? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UqzWi7xdQ0&feature=youtu.be What Does a Fox Say? http://youtu
November 22, 2013
Monday afternoon at city hall was all about Council and we had a great evening. We worked on so much together at their Public Works Committee led by Chair Rich Wagner and then the Finance Committee led by Vice Chair Largo Wales. Soon it was time for the meeting of
November 15, 2013
This was an incredible week for Auburn. Our Veterans Day Parade was on Saturday but the celebrations began during the week and continued through Monday night. It all started with a parade down Main Street as the Traveling Wall came to Auburn and was put in place at Veterans Memorial
November 8. 2013
This weekend Auburn came together to celebrate the life of a very good person and that was evidenced by the fact that all the seats were filled at Holy Family Parish this Saturday to honor Elaine Evelyn Rickard Prenovost. She was always active in her church and her community. She
November 1, 2013
The week started off with a great question: "Hi, I visited Tacoma this past weekend, and in wondering about that city's population, I came across this blog item on the News Tribune website, which also mentioned Auburn: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/street/2013/06/27/tacomas-population-passes-200000-for-1st-time-estimates-show/ . The percent change for the Pierce County portion of Auburn
October 25, 2013
After a wonderful weekend in Auburn we all came back to work. Here at city hall the directors came together to work with me over the agenda for the week for each department. I asked to meet with them first thing on Monday not just for me to know but
October 18, 2013
Every Friday I send out my Update with a list of the events for the weekend. Every once in a while there's something else that takes place and this Saturday was a special day for a young man in our community and for me as well. I was at an
October 11, 2013
This was a busy week. Before I start there's a few comments that need to be made. There's an unsigned flyer being stuck on car windows around town. Usually, like you, I take unsigned materials and put them in the trash unless it is a police related incident but I
October 4, 2013
WHAT A WEEK! We have had sun and hail, wind and rain, storm and calm – all in the same hour over and over again. Each fall we go through this and we must remember that the Thanksgiving Day storms have sometimes been the worse. This is the time to
September 27, 2013
Every year we hold an Employee Appreciation Lunch. We find a sponsor to cover the cost and we all appreciate David Allen of Longhorn Barbeque. We give out service awards and we note down work that individuals have accomplished in training and certificates. The Directors also supply a list of
September 20, 2013
Did You Know we have one of the largest and best Symphony Orchestras in the Northwest AND that the performances are in one of the best and largest Performing Arts Centers in the Region? On September 15th the Auburn Symphony Orchestra led by our conductor Stewart Kershaw Performed "Music, Especially
September 13, 2013
School has started and the real commute is back. This is that tough time when school is in and people are on the road and the weather is still good so road construction is still underway. The good and the bad part is when the road construction ends and the
September 6, 2013
Oh my, another good problem. People have been having problems getting on the free Wi-Fi site downtown. Well we had bought service for 250 people at any one moment and we are vastly exceeding that. Let’s try 1,000. I just received this one, “Did you ever announce the opening
August 30, 2013
It's time for some facts and figures but before I start I have gotten several calls and emails asking why the road construction work seems to have slowed down. Yes it has and we should see some dry weather soon and the work continue. Do keep my advised. So let's
August 23, 2013
Monday came with a video shoot. We were visited by the I-CANN organization that is fighting childhood obesity and they asked if I wanted to participate. Oh, yes! South King County has the highest rate of childhood obesity and some of the lowest funding. For some the only thing close
August 16, 2013
Auburn Days was outstanding this year. The sun was out and so were all the people. The Parade was magic and how could it be anything else with our past Auburn Fire Chief Bob Johnson in his long white beard high in the air in the bucket of the fire
August 9, 2013
This is the weekend for AUBURN DAYS! Auburn Days is produced by a private group of great volunteers and the city of Auburn runs an International Festival at city hall and Plaza Park across the street at the same time. Friday night there are several bands starting at 5:30pm and
August 2, 2013
After a wonderful weekend full of events in our city, your City Council came together not to act but to gather information. Our system of government includes a formal meeting of the full Council on the first and third Monday nights at 7:30pm. Council also acts in committees and the
July 26, 2013
Monday was very special for the city of Auburn. Many years ago I was one of the bankers in town on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce. I was asked to come to a meeting of the newly opened Emerald Downs. Mayor Chuck Booth was there with
July 19, 2013
Every week I talk about the fact Monday belongs to Council. We prepare for much of the day for what will go on at the Council's committee meetings and the formal meeting of the Council. I know I go on about it but I really do admire the work these
July 12, 2013
There’s just so much going on in our city right now. I thought I’d give you a brief update. A Gentle Man First some sad news about a gentleman who fits that term so well. Many of us heard about the terrible traffic accident that took place this week. An
July 5, 2013
Friday I missed it! We have our very first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Truck in service and they were filling it up at the retail gas station just past Main Street on C Street heading north. With the cost difference of more than a dollar and a half it's worth
June 28, 2013
Did You Know how our International Farmer’s Market is growing? Based on the weather and the vendor sales for the 3rd week of the market from 2010 to 2013 there appears to be a 10% increase each year 2010 - $8.181 69 degrees and cloudy 2011 - $8,472
June 21, 2013
Let's Be Perfectly Clear I was told recently by several of our businesses that if they put up a political sign for one candidate or another that people would be told not to use their business or that future business would go away. Some residents have received comments about being
June 14, 2013
Friday is a birthday and Flag Day and I am starting with that for a reason you will soon see. First the birthday. Its Auburn’s 122 nd Birthday and when our Councilmember John Holman decided we should start celebrating these birthdays he got busy! We will have party. It’s Auburn’s
June 7, 2013
Last week's Update was very short mainly because I had so much going on I just ran out of time. Most of you that know me understand what I am sending you I sit down on Friday morning write out, print it so I can read it aloud for errors
May 31, 2013
I do hope you were able to attend some of the events that took place all over town this weekend. It really was exciting to be a part of the coin toss ceremony with Deputy Mayor Nancy Backus on Saturday for the Junior Tanoa Bowl at Auburn Memorial Stadium (Troy
May 24, 2013
Last Sunday Auburn went to Orting as almost two hundred volunteers from the Gold Wing Motorcycle Club and Auburn Lions went to the Old Soldiers Home in Orting. There is a cemetery there for those who have passed on and it needed cleaning up before Memorial Day. The Lions cooked
May 17, 2013
I want to start this by telling you two events you should attend this weekend. First there is an event with the biggest heart ever. Come join everyone. Do you know a family member or friend that has dealt with cancer? Come join Auburn for the Relay for Life Friday,
May 10, 2013
Saturday was a gift, By 7:15 am hundreds of people were gathering at City Plaza and I must share that the Auburn Kiwanis were there at least two hours before as they prepared and served a Pancake Breakfast for all that came to Clean Sweep. We gathered and talked and
May 3, 2013
My last Clean Sweep will be Saturday. Please come and join me, especially those that were there for the first one. There have been so many changes. Sometimes it's hard to remember. I started Clean Sweep after my first year because downtown was in such a state of disrepair and
April 26, 2013
Learn from the past or repeat it Every few months I pick up one of the books written by C.H. Malesis or Connie as I knew him. He was a man with an edge to him who always told you how he felt and backed it up like it
April 19, 2013
There are some weeks in the city that is hard for me to describe and this has been one of them. Winding its way all through the week is the constant of the State Legislature meeting and the need for me and for others in our city to go back
April 12, 2013
Red Light/No One Dying I had some comments about the Red Light cameras from some people new to the community so I thought I'd give a little history. For decades Auburn had two or three T-bone collision accidents each year. Horrific accidents where lives were lost, men, women and children
April 5, 2013
Can you feel everything coming to life? The trees are blooming, the days are a little warmer and there are more smiles all around. Over in our Parks Department there are 49 employees. Fourteen people care for our more than 30 parks have been busy indeed. They've already planted over
March 29, 2013
Sometimes I need to start at the end. I was called by Olympia Thursday night to be there Friday morning for the signing of a very special bill by the Governor. I stood there as Governor Inslee signed into law HB 1319. This bill dedicates March 30 as Welcome Home
March 22, 2013
Saturday we honored the passing of a good friend to many of us and a family that has always been active and involved in the Auburn community. Cam Cutler passed away and Auburn gathered at the Golf Course Clubhouse in the banquet room to honor him and he was honored
March 15, 2013
I know I missed something. Let me know what else is going on in town next weekend if I missed you. An email came in saying it really wasn't a long list of events in town so I did a little checking around. If there isn't a thing on this
March 8, 2013
There are some exciting things coming to Auburn. One of them is a favorite of mine and this year it is going to be even more special. I just got this email in that explained it. Please check out this "Eric's Little Heroes" segment on one of my sport stacking
March 1, 2013
Monday is Council in the city. Your Department Directors worked with me during the day to prepare for the Council's committee meetings. But before the first meeting I met with Superintendent of Schools Kip Herren. We meet once a month to work together for the future of our children and
February 22, 2013
It was a short week but jam packed. At lunch I gave the State of the City at the meeting of the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce with the blessings of the Auburn Noon Lions that meet at the same time. You can read or watch the speech and it
February 15, 2013
Did you have fun this weekend? It was a good time to get outside and work in the yard. Many of our folks were at the events this weekend but there was so many. It started with the Auburn Valley Creative Arts Gallery Lunar New Year and Rainier Chorale presents,
February 8, 2013
I got a really long letter with a list of concerns I thought I’d share with you. It covered a whole bunch of things that people probably want to know anyway. The person started off the letter saying they had been told by a reliable source that the Fire Authority
February 1, 2013
The 1,100 seat Performing Arts Center was sold out on Saturday night as we all watched the Miss Auburn Scholarship Program, largest local program of Miss America in the United States. That night Victoria Knight, a junior at the University of Washington-Tacoma, was crowned Miss Auburn. Her platform is
January 25, 2013
Those of you who follow my Updates probably realized I didn't talk a great deal about local events last week. That's because I was in the 'other' Washington, DC. The City Council and I have been adamant that Auburn be at every place where there is money and value that
January 18, 2013
Between weekend events I needed to stop by a bookstore so of course I headed to downtown Auburn for Comstock's Books. It's one of our treasures. Comstock's opened their doors in 1984 and they have been an Auburn feature ever since. Comstock is a used and rare bookstore the likes
January 11, 2013
A long time ago now the City of Auburn was working with a large community group, the YMCA of Seattle and Boeing. You see the old Y used to be in Les Gove Park. It had been built in the sixties when the business community was very active and it
January 4, 2013
I'd like to start out my first Update in 2013 with part of my first Update in 2003, ten years ago. It started off with: For those who try to tell you we're spending more money – they are flat wrong. We are spending less than even two years ago.
December 28, 2012
Sometimes to go forward you need to look back so I thought I'd take you to my last Update in December of 2002, the year these Updates began. You'll see a few comments from me bolded. Update December 20, 2002 It seems odd that the year is ending while we
December 21, 2012
Every once in a while an individual stands out and needs to be recognized. Diane Rupert got involved a few years ago helping with the Giving Trees. She saw so much need and her heart went out to all of them. She contacted WalMart and the Giving Tree expanded resulting
December 14, 2012
Saturday Breakfast with Santa at the Senior Center was a big hit with a lot of smiling faces. I didn't get to serve pancakes this year - just too many things going on at the same time. Some of that had to do with our neighboring city of Pacific. While
December 7, 2012
I know the list of weekend events in my last Update was long. There were some that stood out and had personal meaning for me. Saturday's Santa Parade was one of the best ever. Some other places have very organized parades. I love the fact that ours is not. It's
November 30, 2012
Monday night after the Council's committee meetings I went to The Ave Theater to talk about art. We have a new Sculpture Gallery that I called a Sculpture Garden. There are seven pedestals in downtown. There is a sculpture donated by an artist on each one of them. They will
November 21, 2012
Thanksgiving is upon us. For those you in need or those that need to help: Free community meals for Thanksgiving in Auburn: Athens Restaurant on Thursday, November 22nd – 11am-3pm: 959 East Main Street, Auburn Spirit Fest at Pyung An (Korean) Presbyterian Church : 526 12th St. SE, Auburn (360)
November 16, 2012
I started these Updates 11 years ago to give our citizens an inside view of what takes place at city hall, what your Council and your employees do for and with you and to allow you to see some of the events that take place in our city. As time
November 9, 2012
Mondays are all about Council and that is especially true when Council comes together for committee meetings and the formal Council meeting. Your Public Works Committee met at 3:30 PM Monday afternoon. One of the items of discussion was the financing options left to your Council for preserving the arterial
November 2, 2012
There was a lot going on last weekend in Auburn! Willy Wonka at The Ave Theater kept selling out and so much fun. The Halloween Parties (still sounds better than PC ‘harvest’) went really well with some safe trick or treating for our kids downtown. Saturday night it looked like
October 26, 2012
Sunday there was a concert at the Auburn Performing Arts Center (PAC). That might not seem all that exciting for some but there is a reason you should know and care. This was a concert that all the musicians donated their time for free so it could be a successful
October 19, 2012
Well, the season has certainly turned. We have all had a taste of that over the weekend and into the week. Please remember that leaves swept into the street and the drains can mean it is your storm drain that could back up. If you want the street sweepers to
October 12, 2012
Monday morning after meeting with the directors of the city I went to the King County Housing Authority Green River Housing project. That's the one you see being remodeled on M Street South. It is an $11 million remodel of structures originally built in 1956. Those structures in turn replaced
October 5, 2012
Saturday I met up with the Boy Scouts of Troop 401 again this time at Game Farm Wilderness Park. You might remember me talking about them at a recent Council meeting. This outstanding troop was there for the ceremony dedicating a new flagpole to the city. The troop had chosen
September 28, 2012
Working in community Saturday the fine people at Grace Community Church hosted the South King County Latino Health & Safety Fair. That event and the name itself have certainly grown since we started it a few years back as the Latino Health Fair. It was very well attended and a
September 21, 2012
Saturday was sure a busy day in Auburn. I’d been asked to come down to the LDS Church is south Auburn at 8:00 am to say a few words as almost a thousand people gathered to work around the city of Auburn in commemoration of the events of 9/11. The
September 14, 2012
I missed several meetings on Saturday and I had promised the Verona neighborhood I would stop by for their yearly celebration and I missed that as well. The reason was our oldest grandson Sam Thompson turned two years old. I have to mention his twin younger brothers have turned one
September 7, 2012
Labor Day weekend has passed and now schools are beginning to open all across town. We"ve seen the traffic increase as it does each year because of school and there will be another adjustment as we all have to leave a little earlier or in some cases a little later.
August 31, 2012
I saw two of the Letters to the Editor in this week’s Reporter. They both are indicative of things going on in Auburn. One suggested that people be responsible for their yards and take care of them rather than let them get overgrown with weeds. The other suggests the city
August 24, 2012
Last Saturday out at the Muckleshoot Inter-Tribal Warrior Society building veterans from around the area were invited to an annual summer barbecue. We had the opportunity to talk and work on planning of new facilities and services for our veterans and have some great salmon as well. Do you have
August 17, 2012
What a weekend for Auburn! With a combination of great weather, Auburn Days and the city’s International Festival we all had a ball! The parade this year was terrific. Does anyone know how many times I went through the parade this year? Sure was fun. :) It all started on
August 10, 2012
You have to know the past to plan for the future I thought I’d go back and take a look at this time in 2002 the first year I started doing these updates. So here is part of Update August 12, 2002 It’s not how you start but how you
August 3, 2012
Waste Management We started off the week with a garbage strike and we ended it with the strike over! Normal pick- up on your regularly scheduled days and you can have a double load. Whew! But there's more so I decided to send this Update early. Saturday route will include
July 27, 2012
Auburn’s International Farmer’s Market sets a record! Remember Sunday when it was overcast and a little windy? Well everyone went down to the Farmer’s Market. I thought it looked packed and the report said: It was a record day, to say the least. The market made $755.00. The vendors
July 20, 2012
SCAM ALERT : The City of Auburn has received reports that certain persons are approaching houses in Auburn claiming to be contractors of the City of Auburn to paint house numbers on their curbs for easy recognition by emergency responders and are asking for payment - these persons are NOT
July 13, 2012
4 th of July Success Our 4 th of July event at Les Gove was extremely popular from an attendance, revenue and community pride perspective. Below are a few figures and statements from vendors. Record attendance (13,000-15,000) Record wristband sales ($10,400+), Record number in the car show
July 6, 2012
Sunday I was at a picnic for veterans. One of the issues that face us as veterans is asking for the benefits due us. I know it is hard. I ask that all of you veterans who see my message to put your pride and your angst in your back