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Capital Projects

In addition to the projects listed below, the City has several other projects in design and construction. For more information, please call 253-931-3010, or check our road closure/construction notices.

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Capital Project Contacts:  
Engineering Front Counter
Jacob Sweeting (Assistant City Engineer)
Luis Barba (Project Engineer)
Kim Truong (Project Engineer)
Jai Carter (Street Systems Engineer)    
Ryan Vondrak (Capital Projects Manager)
Matt Larson (Project Engineer)
Mike Kamenzind (Construction Manager)
Seth Wickstrom (Project Engineer)

Feature Capital Project: Auburn Way South Dynamic Message Sign

Auburn Magazine Fall 2017

As the City and surrounding regional population continues to grow, and the traffic volumes on our streets and highways increases, it is becoming increasingly important to relay specific travel information to the public. In 2016, studies showed that the Puget Sound area had the second-worst congestion in the United States with a 75-percent increase in travel time. One way to combat this traffic congestion is through the use of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS).

DMS are electronic sign boards used to display information, and when used along City streets and highways, they are an effective Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) tool that can help improve traffic conditions and optimize roadway capacity. DMS come in many forms. The two most common DMS used for notifications to the traveling public are permanent overhead signs along streets and highways and portable signs within construction zones.

DMS have been one of the latest approaches taken around the Puget Sound area to remediate increases in traffic volume. Among other benefits, DMS allow roadway administrators to remotely communicate real time with motorist and pedestrians about delays, accidents, emergency notifications, upcoming construction, lane restrictions, lane and road closures, travel times, events, amber alerts, or other specific information related to the roadway conditions.  

For example, when accurate and timely information about traffic congestion is posted on a DMS before the congested area is reached, motorists are able to decide early whether they want to stay on the same route or take an alternate route. Motorists benefit from being given the opportunity to take an alternate route, potentially saving time, reducing the overall congestion due to motorists choosing alternate routes, reducing driver frustration, reducing air pollution, and creating a more efficient roadway network.

The City of Auburn has conducted a study to place permanent DMS on some of our busiest arterial roadway corridors. The first permanent DMS was installed as part of the City’s Auburn Way South Dynamic Message Sign project. The DMS was installed on Auburn Way South, just west of the Muckleshoot Casino, and was completed in early Fall 2017. See Figure A for approximate location.


Figure A: Project Location (PDF)

In the late fall of 2017, a second DMS was installed on S 277th Street as part of the City’s South 277th Street Corridor Capacity & Non-motorized Trail Improvements project. The City will monitor their effectiveness and evaluate potential additional locations for DMS. DMS signs are an element of the City’s ITS Master Plan.


Figure B: Dynamic Message Sign installed (PDF)

Who to contact for more information regarding the AWS DMS project?

For more information on this project, please contact Luis Barba P.E., Project Engineer at 253-931-4013 or via email.