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Community Services

Connecting You To... Your City, Your Community, Your Neighbors

Mission: To strengthen ties in the community by reaching out through education, outreach and civic engagement.

Who we are: The Community Services Division is responsible for the City of Auburn's Human Services, Neighborhood and Diversity programs.

Our goal is to connect with the community by partnering and participating in events and neighborhood meetings. We look for opportunities to share information about City services and encourage you to contact us if you would like to invite us to your meetings and events happening in Auburn.

If you have questions about City services, how to hold a neighborhood meeting or need help figuring out whom to talk to within the City please call the Community Services Team.

Connecting You To... Your Neighborhood

Our goal is to promote a sense of community by opening lines of communication with and between residents.

Are you interested in meeting your neighbors, making your area safer and learning about City services?
We all want to live in a safe, connected community. The Community Services Team can help you put together a neighborhood meeting to learn more about:

  • Block Watch
  • CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team)
  • Community Safety
  • Crime Prevention
  • Emergency Management
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Map Your Neighborhood
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Traffic Calming
  • Other topics your neighbors are interested in

Purpose of Neighborhood Meetings:

  • To hear what's going on in your neighborhood, what your concerns are and your ideas for solutions
  • To learn more about available City services and programs
  • To meet with the Mayor, Police, Emergency Preparedness, Transportation and Auburn School District staff to discuss neighborhood safety and other issues of concern

How to have a Neighborhood Meeting:
Contact Neighborhood Programs Manager Duanna Richards at 253-931-3099 to discuss details.

Contact the Community Services Team

Connecting You To...

As our community is becoming more diverse with its unique blend of cultural, ethnic, generational, religious, and economic backgrounds, we are excited to find the best ways to work together and provide equitable access to community resources. Download the Community Resource Guide (PDF)

Auburn Demographics

Here is some information about who lives in our community:

Auburn Building an Inclusive Community

Definition: A community without boundaries where people take care of each other regardless of their differences.
As our community continues to expand we want to be even more proactive in maintaining inclusive activities that build bridges of common interests while maintaining respect for our unique differences.