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Tools & Data


City of Auburn also offers several interactive maps of their own, including information such as real time traffic, crime, parcels, zoning, land use, water features, and parks.

Below are some helpful links to environmental tools for Auburn, distributed by other organizations.

DNR Geologic Map Portal
Washington Department of Natural Resources Interactive Geologic Map Portallinks to external site

DOE Water QualityWashington Department of Ecology Interactive Water Quality Maplinks to external site

FEMA map
FEMA Flood Hazard Service Center Interactive Maplinks to external site

KC Flood WarningsKing County Flood Warnings and Alerts for the Green and White Riverslinks to external site

KC GIS CenterKing County GIS
Centerlinks to external site

KC iMap
King County iMap Interactive Mapping Toollinks to external site

KC Road Services Map Vault
King County Road Services Map Vaultlinks to external site

PC Public Interactive MapPierce County Public GIS Interactive Maplinks to external site

PC Where Does Water GoPierce County Where Does Water Go Interactive Maplinks to external site

PS Clean AirPuget Sound Clean Air Agency Regional Air Qualitylinks to external site

WDFW Priority Habitats and Species
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Priority Habitats and Species Interactive Maplinks to external site

WDFW SalmonScape Map


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife SalmonScape Interactive Maplinks to external site

Do you know of a good website with environmental information that you think should be included here?  Email the City of Auburn Environmental Services team! 

Recycling Info

Ever wonder what all of those recycle symbols mean?

Visit this page by Webstaurant Storelinks to external site to
learn more about the numbers printed on your
recyclables, what materials go where, and
what happens to all of those recyclables.