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Resources for Kids

Environment for Kids & Teens!

Here are some fun and informational sites you can visit to help you:

  • On your school project on the environment or related subject
  • Understand what it means to be "green"
  • Think of ideas on how to be environmentally friendly
  • Learn some new stuff about the Earth, how it works,
    and why we should all work together to protect it!
Kids.gov Environmental Page
Kids.gov Environment
for kids, teens and
teacherslinks to external site

Kids Eco Club
Kids Eco Club
Home Pagelinks to external site
NASA Climate Kids
NASA's Climate Kids
Home Pagelinks to external site



Calculate your Carbon Footprint!

These sites all offer great calculators for finding out how your actions affect the planet:

World Wildlife Fund Logo
World Wildlife Fund 
Calculatorlinks to external site


International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge 



International Student
Carbon Footprint
Calculatorlinks to external site

Global Footprint Network logo 

Global Footprint
Network Interactive
Calculatorlinks to external site

Have a request for other environmental resources for kids? Have any other environmental questions, comments, or concerns? Always feel free to email Environmental Services or call us at 253-288-4318.