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When To Call 911

Auburn, Algona and Pacific residents now have a new number to call for non-emergency situations. Citizens are now urged to call 253-288-2121 for circumstances that are non-emergent and do not require immediate assistance from police, fire, or medics. (To request a copy of a police report, please dial 253-931-3039.)

Examples of a non-emergency call may be (but not limited to) reporting a nuisance, such as a noise or parking complaint; reporting a non-emergency crime to report lost or stolen property; or vandalism (after the fact).

Using the non-emergency number will help reduce the number of non-emergency calls to 9-1-1 operators and ensure that calls are being handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Both 9-1-1 and the 253-288-2121 numbers ring into the Valley Communications System, if an emergency is detected from a non-emergency call it will be routed to the correct operator for immediate response.

Examples of when to call 9-1-1 include: serious medical emergencies; any type of fire; any crime in progress; dangerous and/or life threatening situations; any suspicious activity; and any time a person fears for their safety or the safety of others.

Any person that is unsure if a situation is an emergency, is encouraged to call 9-1-1.

Our online reporting system is available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

What happens when I call?

When you call into Valley Communications, it will be answered by a Call Receiver. The Call Receiver will determine whether or not your call is an emergency to be handled right away or to have an officer make contact with you to file a non-emergency report. They will ask questions which are specifically designed to obtain information so that the proper response can be taken for your call.

Out of state or region

If you are out of state or the region and need to call 911 for an emergency or a priority within the City of Auburn then you can reach the 911 center by calling 253-288-2121.

Other numbers to call

Should you need to speak with someone with the Police or Fire Department the following are the published office numbers:

Police: 253-931-3080
Valley Regional Fire Authority: 253-288-5800