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Traffic School

General Information

If you have questions about this program, please do not call the Police Department. Call the Traffic School Message Line after you have read this entire brochure. If you have been court ordered to attend a defensive driving school, this class DOES NOT qualify.

Class Overview

Auburn Traffic School is a 3 hour traffic safety education program for drivers who have been cited for a minor traffic infraction. It includes current driving laws, safe driving techniques, and Auburn- specific traffic data to make the driver more aware and knowledgeable about local driving conditions.

After successful completion of the class, the City Prosecutor will file a motion to dismiss only ONE violation. There will be no further fine or legal action in regards to this one violation and you will not have to appear at your court hearing unless you have more violations.

If your citation has two or more violations (ex. Violation 1=speed; violation 2-no tabs), you are responsible for handling the additional violation(s).

Auburn Traffic School allows you to eliminate ONE violation only.

The following conditions are NOT ELIGIBLE for Auburn Traffic School:

  • Currently on deferral
  • This ticket violates probation
  • Currently have an ignition interlock
  • No insurance at time of citation (not after).
  • Current violation is for speeding 21 MPH or more over posted limit
  • Major traffic infractions or criminal traffic citations
  • Extensive driving or criminal record
  • Violation of Intermediate or Drivers License Restrictions
  • Traffic violation for CDL holder
  • You have attended Auburn Traffic School in the last 24 months
  • Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle or worker
  • Unlawfully passing a school bus
  • Littering from a motor vehicle
  • Negligent driving 2nd degree.
  • No valid operators license with ID

Auburn Traffic School Instructions


  • Within fifteen (15) days of the date you receive your ticket, you must request a contested or mitigation hearing. Please check one of the hearing boxes plus the box on the sticker for Traffic School. 
  • Hand deliver or mail your ticket to King County District Court located at 340 E. Main Street, Suite 101, Auburn, WA 98002 - open Monday to Friday, between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 
  • The court will schedule a hearing, attempting to allow time for you to attend Auburn Traffic School. A one-time continuance will be allowed, if needed, to attend traffic school.


IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR COURT HEARING DATE, you may apply for the Auburn Traffic School. You must attend the class at least 3 weeks prior to your court date and classes fill up quickly.

Auburn Traffic School is offered two days per month. 

  • 2nd Wednesday of each month 
  • 4th Tuesday of each month 

Class times are 6:00 to 9:00 PM located at Auburn City Hall – Council Chambers.

You must have the following to apply:

  1. Court hearing notice
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Completed application

Applications are available at either The Auburn Police Department or the King County Auburn Courthouse – Both located at 340 E. Main St., Suite 101 and 201.
OR Apply On-line - Once you have submitted your application online, you must provide a copy of your license and court paperwork with your court date to the traffic school. You can send copies via email or come to the Auburn Police Department at 340 E. Main Street, Suite 201 and provide a hard copy of each to the Records staff at window. We must have a copy of your driver’s license and court date within 7 days or your application will not be processed.


  • After we receive your application, you will be notified by mail (in about 10 working days) regarding your status to Auburn Traffic School.
  • If ACCEPTED, proceed to step 4.
  • If DENIED to attend Auburn Traffic School, you will receive a letter indicating why you are ineligible. YOU MUST THEN APPEAR AT KING COUNTY DISTRICT COURT ON THE HEARING DATE YOU RECEIVED OR OTHERWISE PROPERLY HANDLE YOUR INFRACTION.


  • Your letter will include a class date and time to attend the traffic school.
  • A non-refundable $100 class fee must be received 7 working days prior to your class date. No fees will be accepted on your class date or at class. (Payment options will be explained on the acceptance notice.) DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH APPLICATION.
  • You must attend the entire 3 hour class assigned to you. There are no refunds or rescheduling of classes.
  • You must be in class at the start of class time, be alcohol and drug free and keep your cell phone turned off. All rules of conduct will be enforced and anyone not behaving appropriately will be removed from class.
  • Still have questions about traffic school? Email us or call 253-931-3077.