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Commercial, Recreational Vehicle, and Trailer Parking

Chapter 10.36 of Auburn City Code establishes limitations on parking for some larger vehicles and trailers on City streets.

Commercial Vehicles and Trailers

Effective January 1, 2017 by Ordinance 6633 (PDF) the City only allows the parking of commercial vehicles on select City streets (see below) for vehicles registered to an Auburn resident with an Auburn business license and displaying a City of Auburn commercial vehicle parking permit. Business licenses and commercial vehicle parking permits can be obtained from the City of Auburn Permit Center.  For Permits, please contact the Permit Center at 253-931-3020.  

For questions on any of the information below, please contact Joe Welsh at 253-804-5050 or via email.

Parking commercial vehicles and trailers on City streets typically interferes with sight distances and vehicle clearance, resulting in increased risk of vehicle collision. As such, the City limits the parking of commercial vehicles to the following locations:

1. D St NW both sides, between 44th Street NW and S 277th Street, where practical.
2. E Street NE west side, between 23rd Street NE and 26th Street NE.
3. Lund Road SW east side, West Main Street to end.

View a map (PDF) of where commercial vehicles may park legally in the City rights-of-way.

Commercial vehicles may stop or park in other safe locations while in the process of actively loading, unloading or providing services to residences or businesses in the immediate vicinity of where the vehicle is parked provided that the free flow of traffic is unobstructed and not otherwise prohibited.

Recreational Vehicles and Trailers

"Recreational vehicles" means a vehicular-type unit primarily designed for recreational camping and recreational travel use that has its own motive power, or is mounted on or towed by another vehicle, whether attached or unattached to a towing vehicle.

Parking of recreational vehicles and trailers is permitted on city streets, alleys and public rights-of-way in residential neighborhoods provided the following restrictions:

1. The recreational vehicle or trailer is parked on city streets, alleys and public rights-of-way for no longer than 24 hours.
2. There is adequate space for parking.
3. The free flow of traffic is unobstructed.
4. Parking is not otherwise prohibited.

Truck Route Designations and Restrictions

Effective January 1, 2017 by Ordinance 6633 (PDF) the City prohibits the operation of commercial vehicles of 16,000-pounds or more in the downtown traffic control zone. The downtown traffic control zone is located from east of C Street NW/SW to west of Auburn Way N/S and from north of 3rd Street. SW/SE and Cross Street SE to south of 3rd Street NW/NE and 4th Street NE. View a map (PDF) of the downtown traffic control zone.  

A vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 16,000 pounds or more, as indicated in the records the Washington State Department of Motor Vehicles for the vehicle, may operate in the downtown traffic control zone if the vehicle:

a. is traveling within the downtown traffic control zone for the purpose of making a delivery to a property located within the downtown, traffic control zone, or returning from such a delivery;
b. originated from a property located in the downtown traffic control zone;
c. is a public transit, school bus, or emergency vehicle; or
d. is operating on a truck route, specifically designated in the City Comprehensive Transportation Plan.