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Save Our Street Program

Save our StreetsThe Save Our Streets (SOS) Program is funded by sales tax on new construction.  The SOS fund is solely used to preserve or rebuild local street pavement and associated infrastructure.  At the outset of the program the focus was on preserving the existing streets that were in serviceable condition.  Over the last several years, with significant progress having been made on those roads, the focus was able to include rebuilding the streets that are in the worst condition in addition to preserving local streets that are in fair condition.

The City regularly inspects the pavement condition of every street in our jurisdiction.  The streets are rated based on the condition of the pavement, the depth of rutting in the wheel paths, drainage or ponding issues, and the roughness of the ride of each street.  The data is maintained in our Pavement Management System database, and is used to inform our decisions on which streets to include in a project each year.

The City considers many different factors in selecting the streets to be included in the program annually.  We use our pavement rating data to narrow down the list of candidate streets to be included in a project.  Once we have a short list of streets to consider we perform site inspections on each of the streets to validate our pavement rating data, and determine the scope of a potential project street.  Next we review the existing City owned utility infrastructure under each street to determine if the water, sewer, or storm drainage lines need to be replaced due to age, condition, or a planned need to upgrade the system. If it is determined that a utility needs to be replaced, then another important factor is the availability of utility funds to pay for the associated utility replacement work.

Other important factors that we consider in street selection are the amount of maintenance work that a particular street requires, the number of residents that are served by a particular roadway, coordination with private utility work, and coordination with private development work.

More detailed information about the SOS Program can be found at the report links below or if you have specific questions or comments you can email Jai Carter, Street Systems Engineer, or by telephone at 253-804-5086.

SOS annual work program