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Arterial & Collector Street Preservation

The Arterial and Collector Preservation program is responsible for maintaining the overall condition of approximately 100 centerline miles of roadway that are vital to our City. These roads carry the vast majority of our citizens, goods and services to and from our regional growth center and connect our communities to the greater Puget Sound Region. The Arterial Street Preservation Program has focused almost exclusively on preservation treatments given the lack of funding to complete much needed major reconstruction projects. However, the appropriation of surplus Real Estate Excise tax (REET) funding by the City Council, favorable bids on several recent projects, and the successful acquisition of federal grant funds have generated sufficient capacity in the existing budget to program the reconstruction of B Street NW between 37th Street NW and S 277th Street which is the worst arterial street segment in the network.

The goal of the Arterial Preservation program is to improve the Arterial and Collector network to an overall Pavement Condition Index of 70 (out of 100 scale rating).  The current condition of the Arterial and Collector roadway network is in fair condition (PCI Rating of 60). Over the next several years the City has secured federal grant funding for several projects which will help leverage existing city funds to improve the health of our street system. The currently funded 2016 through 2020 Arterial Street preservation projects are shown on the attached map:

Planned Arterial and Collector Projects - 2016 to 2020 (PDF)

In addition, pavement on arterial and collector streets often gets repaired by developer and utility projects. Since these projects often have to disturb the existing pavement to install new infrastructure, however the associated pavement repair work on these projects is generally not a part of the preservation program and is not reflected in our maps of recent Projects shown below:

2014 Citywide Patch and Overlay Project (PDF)

2015 Citywide Patch and Overlay Project (PDF)