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Collection Delays

The solid waste haulers in Auburn are committed to providing reliable collection for all customers. However, in the event that circumstances such as unsafe roads interfere with service schedules, we appreciate customer understanding and cooperation.

No credit is given for delayed collection due to weather conditions, but up to twice the regular amount is accepted on the next regular collection day at no charge to compensate for the missed collection.

Tips for setting out extra material due to inclement weather:

Extra garbage - Place next to garbage container in:

  • Securely tied plastic bags labeled "Garbage" or
  • 32-gal can with handle and lid (65 pound limit) labeled "Garbage"

Extra recycling - Place next to recycling cart in:

  • Plastic recycling bins or
  • Cardboard boxes (2x2x2 foot limit) labeled "Recycling" 
  • No recycling in plastic bags

Extra yard trimmings (NO food scraps or plastic) - Place next to yard cart in:

  • Heavy paper yard bags (available at hardware stores) or
  • Reusable polywoven yard bags (available at hardware stores) or 
  • 32-gal cans with handles & lids (65 pound limit) labeled "Yard" or 
  • Bundles tied with sisal twine (4x2 foot limit)
  • No yard waste in plastic bags

For more information, contact Auburn’s Utility Billing Customer Service at 253-931-3038.