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Below are some resources for wasting less food, composting and natural yard care. These tips can help us reduce waste and be kinder to our environment! We cover information on natural yard care, backyard composting, worm bin composting, mulch mowing and more:

Food 2 Good 2 Waste

Whether it's moldy cheese, limp celery or those long lost leftovers in the back of the fridge, chances are you've wasted food this week. And you're not alone. Americans waste about 25% of all food and drinks we buy, adding up to more than $1,600 each year.

Learn more and watch videoslinks to external site for tips on how to waste less food.

Benefits of Compost

Compost-enriched soil can reduce erosion, alleviate soil compaction and help control diseases and pest infestation in plants. Compost can increase plant production, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and conserve natural resources. Visit the web sites below for information on composting, building your own bins, and other resources.

Backyard Composting & Food Composting
Troubleshooting and secrets to successful yard and food waste composting from Seattle.gov.

Natural Yard Care

Natural Yard Care and Sustainable Landscaping
Tips, resources and common sense, easy to implement ideas from King County Solid Waste.

Seattle Tilth is a non-profit organic gardening and urban ecology organization with classes, demonstration gardens, children's programs and community events.

Grow your Gardening Skills in 2017! Ring in the new year by signing up for a Tilth class and learn new skills that can benefit you for a lifetime. For more information visit Classes for Adultslinks to external site.

Green Garden Hotline The Garden Hotline offers free, individualized solutions to garden problems that are practical, safe, effective and natural from Northwest professional gardeners and horticulturists.