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Schools - Environmental Education

Schedule a City of Auburn Classroom Presentation for:

  • Waste Reduction & Recycling (available September - December 2017) 
  • Worm Composting (available September-December 2017)

Click here for presentation information.

Registration: Calendar opens 9/1/17.

Questions? Contact Jessica via email or call 206-583-0655.

How to start a King County Green Schools Program

The Auburn School District partners with The King County Green Schools Program. For more information visit the King County Green Schools Pagelinks to external site.

The King County Green Schools Program Mission is to provide King County schools and school districts with tools and support needed to:

  • Initiate and expand waste reduction and recycling practices and other conservation actions.
  • Involve the whole school community in environmental stewardship.
  • Operate environmentally efficient and responsible facilities.

There are many ways to start a School Green Team. One example is outlined on the King County Green School's websitelinks to external site listed under program steps.


  • Start a School Green Team
  • Start small - Take one step at a time and build capacity when you can.
  • Tie programs into classroom learning.
  • Promote waste prevention, recycling and other environmental program benefits.

Interested in starting a green schools program? First discuss it with your school administrator, next contact Scott Weide, Auburn School District's Resource Conservation Manager via email or at 253-931-4955.

Auburn School District Green Schoolslinks to external site webpage, Resource Conservation Program, and more...

Other Green Team & Environmental Resources

  • NEW!  2017 U of WA Livable Cities, Auburn School District Food Waste Reduction Project - School cafeterias generate a significant amount of wasted food. An estimated 30 to 50 percent of edible food in schools is not eaten by students and is instead sent to landfills or composting facilities. The purpose of this University of Washington Livable Cities project was to work with the Auburn School District (ASD) on current cafeteria and kitchen solid waste to inform a pilot School Food Share Program and to help identify effective waste reduction strategies. Students made suggested actions schools could take to reduce and recycle overall waste, including wasted food, and offered recommendations for what could be donated from schools as edible food products. View more information on the 2016-2017 Livable City Year Partnership with the City of Auburnlinks to external site.   
  • Washington (State) Green Schools Programlinks to external site - Provides resources and tools to involve students, teachers, and community members in assessing and taking action to increase resource conservation and waste reduction in schools.
  • Washington State Department of Ecology, Ecology for Educators & Studentslinks to external site - Provides environmental education materials for classroom teachers and students' research, community educators' programs and for individuals choosing to make a difference.

Waste Reduction Ideas

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